Arcachon Bay

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The Arcachon Bay

on foot, by bike or by boat.

Arcachon bay is the bay of Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France. The bay of Arcachon has a wide variety of landscapes. Water is roaring on the ocean side. Arcachon bay is the best place near Bordeaux to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Geographical shape of Arcachon Bay

The overall shape of the Arcachon bay is an equilateral triangle pointing north. The southwest corner of the bay is open to the sea between Cap Ferret (the lighthouse) and the town of Arcachon.

Perfect scenic spot

There are lots of tourist and entertainment places around the bay. The bay is a perfect scenic spot to enjoy in Bordeaux. Around ten towns and villages are found around the bay to have a unique tourism while visiting the city of Bordeaux.

The popular Teich bird reserve is found close to the Arcachon bay. It is a paradise for birds where you can see lots of varieties in birds. The reserve has a natural environment with pine forests and water meadows.

Significance and popularity of Arcachon bay

People of Bordeaux used to visit Arcachon to rest and relax with balneotherapy treatment starting from the early times. Arcachon is famous for its balneotherapy treatment with health care.
Arcachon Bay has an amazing climate, with perfect sunshine almost all year round. The Architecture of Arcachon is the most beautiful designs in Gironde, mainly due to the side range of stylish designs in the region. Oysters are more familiar in France. In Arcachon, you can have a chance to get fresh oysters and enjoy the seafood meal along with a memorable visit!

Landscapes and boat trip

Arcachon bay is the highest bank in Europe. The bay is a fascinating world with multiple landscapes like the oyster ports, sandy beaches, pine forests and a famous peninsula. Bay trips on traditional boats are exciting where children and youngsters use to love it to the core!

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