Jamon Jamon épicerie-bistrot

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Discover Jamon Jamon Epicery Bistrot Bordeaux! Jamon Jamon is a Spanish bistro in the heart of Bordeaux, just two steps from the Grand Theatre and the place of comedy. This Ham Ham grocery is a nice pub with a cozy ambiance. The restaurant serves Spanish food, but you can check their today’s special for the daily specialties. The food is …


Pub Saint-Paul

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For quite twenty years, diners and club-goers have born certain a heat and joyous welcome high noon and night at tavern pub Saint-Paul. Whether it’s for lunch with colleagues, a dinner show or a night on the town, tavern St-Paul is that the place for a novel expertise in Montreal’s most historic and picturesque neighbourhood. Meeting of various kind of …


Makila Kafé

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Discover Makila Kafé Bordeaux! The Makila Kafé entrusts you with the production of a music video depicting the evening ” Western ” in early December. This beautiful Makila Cafe restaurant is popular with superb terrace overlooking the Garonne, offers a cuisine with flavours of the South Basque Country in South of France, Spain… It smells like summer! Unique decor with …



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Discover The apollo Bordeaux! The identity of the Apollo bar lies in its music that has its style relating to the world of funk and soul. The enthusiastic night in Apollo is the exact New York’s most famed live entertainment experiences, captivating performers and the audiences from all over the world. Amateur Dark in Apollo This is meant to be …


The I.Boat

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Discover I boat Bordeaux! The club is a new space for 400 music lovers, equipped with a function single sound system and high-tech lighting. I boat is a cultural hub for electronic music and digital of arts, thanks to a multidisciplinary program that was innovative and pointed. It, therefore, gives the scoop on the eclecticism inviting confirmed artists of a …

Café Napoléon 3

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Discover Cafe Napoleon Bordeaux France. The coffee was only created in 1980, but everything here in this cafe is antique. Dressed bevelled glass doors, floor mosaic, woodwork and chandeliers. Prominence of Napoleon cafe Cafe Napoleon III is anxious to preserve the heritage of which he is the depositary, Patrick Urtizvéréa brought coffee Napoleon III, some natural feel of his native …


Café Andrée Putman

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Discover Café Andrée Putman (CAPC) Bordeaux! Located on the terraces of Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, Café Andrée Putman attracts more visitors every day. The dishes offered in Café Andrée Putman are a mix of unexpected and classic flavours. Only open for lunch, I am glad to share with you that the set menu changes daily in this cafe. Café …


Brewery artists

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Discover Brewery artists Bordeaux!!! Located just a step from the lake, at the heart of the casino, the Brewery Artists invites you to choose your package as lunch buffets, Southwest bistro dishes, kinds of seafood, fish and grills. The atmosphere is sincere, friendly and openhearted which is the traditional restaurant. Best beer in Brewery artists The brewery artists are a …


Bistro du Musée

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Discover Bistro du Musée Restaurant, Bordeaux, France! The Bistro Museum located opposite to the cathedral right in the center of Bordeaux (Gironde). The Museum Bistro is a restaurant where the reception greatly hospitalises the visitors. Bordeaux is a city that takes fine dining with Bistro in a perfect way. Whether at traditional restaurants serving homemade cooking, brasseries, wine bars, or …


Courtepaille Lake

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Discover Courtepaille Restaurant Bordeaux! Regular visitor for a long time is always happy to return from Courtepaille lake. The cuisine is simple and very correct for the prices (it’s really cheap), the correct service without frills but effective. Cost Effective Courtepaille Restaurant You can eat or to relax quickly, but if in a hurry anyway avoid peak hours on twelve …