Foie Gras and a Bottle of Bordeaux : Perfect Harmony:

Perfect Harmony: Foie Gras and a Bottle of Bordeaux

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Rich, creamy, buttery and divine. That briefly sums up the taste of Foie gras, one of the most spectacularly famous French delicacies. While the idea of eating the fattened liver of duck or geese might sound off-putting, one taste and you’ll fall in love.

It came about from ancient rituals that were performed to please the pharaohs. As time wore on, this practice was adopted by the French, becoming ensconced in their rich heritage.

Of course, with this resplendent gastronomic delight, one should complement it accordingly with a lovely bottle of wine. However, most people are unaware of what a proper pairing choice for foie gras would be. There are several good options, but among the best of them is a good Bordeaux white or red wine.

Traditionally, red wines were never served alongside this esteemed food.

But as times change, so too do traditions. Pairing foie gras with red wine is now becoming vastly popular as well as acceptable, particularly in some of the world’s finest restaurants.

The change can be attributed to red wine’s tendency to be more gracious on the palate. When starting a meal with foie gras, red wine makes for a heavenly match. That’s not to say that any red wine will do though. Foie gras is a quality and highly finessed food, and it commands a proper wine. Something that has been aged for at least a few years is best, particularly a fine Bordeaux.

Bordeaux too, like foie gras, is rather revered in France. It is high-bred from grapes that enjoy the ideal climate and soil type in the Bordeaux region (hence the name) that render it such a splendid wine. Aside from a prime climate, the location was also responsible for making it easy to share with the world. As a major port city, wealthy merchants would sail out with plenty of wine.

Once these merchants made it back home, the popularity and vast acclaim of Bordeaux spread. It soon became a coveted item for the rich, and when it hit that level of notoriety, it sealed the deal forevermore to make it one of the finest wines and something of an upper class status.

Together, foie gras and best Bordeaux wines are sheer perfection.

Each playing off your palate like an extraordinary symphony of flavors, it is a glorious combination. It’s a pleasurable passion when you have the opportunity to enjoy these fine gourmet specialties. Tasting them together will no doubt make you realize that you have finally arrived.