Park of the coccinelle

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Coccinelle park that has increased its familiarity among the young​ and old.


Park of the coccinelle is present near Arcachon since 1985. Location of the park is in Gujan-Mestras.

Amusing park of coccinelle

The park has increased its familiarity among young and old. The park of coccinelle is the place of exact joy for children. Park of coccinelle is the first European park to be built based on pet and childhood. There is a mini farm within the park.

Funny and thrill ride

A real family outing park to enjoy the holidays. A mini roller coaster is designed with exciting sharp bends and complete safety. Hold on tight to have a thrilling and amazing ride! Beetle track creates tickles in small ones with funny experience. The smallest daredevils are thrilling for children to have a little ride.

Discovery and the pets

The Mini-Farm offers children a real awakening with activities and discovery of the living world of nature. Children will have an educational discovery day that will be remembered for a long time. Inside the mini-farm, discover the four parks where children give small feeding bottles to lambs, kids, calves and piglets. Feeding for cute little pets by children is a unique fun experience had only in the park of coccinelle in Gujan-Mestras.

Train and misting space

The most exciting part of the park is the mini train. It goes to the small carousel through the racing horses, flying beetles and the giant slide of 10m high. Do not forget to get your swim suit. Playground equipped with full of water is ready to welcome you! The park of coccinelle is designed with multiple attractions to impress all the young and old.

To cool yourself without getting wet, you can go under a space misting. The place is always preferred by young and old. You need not take a swimsuit to the misting area within the park. In the park, during 2015, there are few new discoveries like setting inside a tree trunk. A setting is done to slide down a 10m high waterfall. You can experience a guaranteed thrill and joy!

Water rides and fountains

A giant water ride is present inside the park. A slide of more than 10 meters high. Extremely enthusiastic and funny! People with weak heart and children below specific age are not allowed to slide on the giant water ride.

After playing in all these thrill and energetic rides, you can cool off at the fountains in a swim suit. People of all ages can play in the fountain. Only for children under the age of 3 are provided with a waterproof swimming layer.

Ladybirds and children’s game

You can climb on the ladybirds for a trip in the air. People used to slide down on the big water ride, fly on the ladybird, cheer with pets, cool off at the fountains. Enjoyment for all ages is for sure! The park of coccinelle is full of amusement, especially for children. The games for children include Roundabouts, swings, slide, wooden train, tricycle track and spring games to satiate the desires of kids.

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