L’Ice Room

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Discover Ice Room Bordeaux France! The largest ice bar in Europe is found on the docks of Bordeaux! The Ice room could be an absolutely opaque house of regarding 88m ² that needed a delivery of thirty-five plenty of ice for its style. Its decoration consists of ice sculptures like bar, sofas, fire and lighting effects, bushed an environment at …


Parlement by Alex

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Discover Place of Parlement Bordeaux! The Bordelais are out for this beautiful sunny day… Parlement by Alex is a coffee shop. The pleasant smelling tearoom provides coffee,  hot drinks, cold drinks and homemade pastries. In Bordeaux, this cafe is one of my favorite! Great choice of tea of excellent quality. Worth a visit to parlement by Alex The service is …


Le Chapon Fin

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Discover Le Chapon Fin in Bordeaux! The chapon fin has the great wines of Bordeaux as well as wines from all other regions. The end chapon is over a century of gastronomy. This restaurant was inaugurated in 1825. The end chapon restaurant is one of the leading gourmet restaurants that were triple-starred at the history itself by Michelin in the …