The Bird island

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The bird island in Arcachon bay is the most eye-catching place that visible from the bay. The island seems a bit magical.

Boating around the bird island

A marvellous boat tour can be experienced in the Arcachon bay around the bird island. The boat tries to approach the area on the bay as much as possible according to the tide. You can enter the Arcachon bay for its amazing view on one side of the dune and the view of Cap Ferret Peninsula on the other side. You can also view the Arcachon sea front. There are two possible ways for visiting the island of birds.

History of the bird island

Explored by the residents of the Basin of Arcachon since ancient times, the island in the old past served as grassland for herds of cows and later for horses. However also in the Basin of Arcachon, nature can sometimes be terribly wild. As in 1714 and 1882 when terrifying storms flooded the island. The storms destroyed the crops and the cattle.

Day by day, the island started to become a place for hunting and fishing. Now they built a couple of small hunting cabins called tonnes. They have also made some lakes and a well that provides sweet water.

Special boats for wonderful trip

Visitors can also take a trip around the island with the UBA boats, by small boat or canal boat. You can visit even by catamaran with professional seafarers who know the area well. Another excursion destination to a sensitive nature area is the Arguin sandbank.

Wonderful boating experience

A real holiday with peak enthusiasm can be had at the boating near bird island. Boats are secured on the sandbanks. You are back to civilization. The advantage of kayak rowing boat is you can pass exactly under one of the huts. Travelling under the huts looks wonderful in the visit to the bird island. The first one, with white shutters, belongs to La Teste-de-Buch while the second one, with red shutters, is private.

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