Saint-Eloi church in Andernos

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Majesty of the Saint-Eloi church.


Saint-Eloi church in Andernos is one of the oldest religious buildings in the Bay of Arcachon. It is the Romanesque church of 11th century. The only church of Romans that remains since 5th century is the Saint-Eloi church in Andernos.

Majesty of Saint-Eloi church in Andernos

The church is located on the beach. At the edge of the Bay, saint Eloi church’s charming frame creates a good place to have a leisure walk. The Saint-Eloi church is built on the foundations of a Gallo-Roman villa built in the 4th century. Over many centuries, Saint-Eloi church in Andernos has undergone many renovations.

Highlighted restorations in the church

The building of the church was enlarged. The addition of peculiar inverted bell during the 19th century is the highlighted restoration in the Saint-Eloi church in Andernos. Interior designs of the church are amazing to be admired at the bright paintings.

The modern stained glass windows that reflect the sunlight making unusual patterns on the pillars are unique in Andernos church. The wonderful ceiling of the church that was made under renovation is exciting to look at.

Entertaining beach view

Saint-Eloi church in Andernos is a perfect wedding church that has a beautiful beach view along the Arcachon bay. A great family outing is done on a path that runs along the basin. The church is open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Special masses are held on Sundays. The saint-Eloi church is a categorised historic monument in the basin of Arcachon. People used to visit the church by cycling in a small cycling path near the beach.

Surroundings of the church

The church has a quiet environment with a calm beach and peaceful church. A perfect place to spend time for meditation and relaxation. Saint Eloi Church in Andernos is a pretty church with its beautiful scenery. People love to visit the church as it located near the Arcachon bay.

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