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Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful town of Europe’s smaller cities. A comparison would be to call it as a ‘mini Paris’. The city has excellent museums, great nightlife and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean are very close by. Bordeaux is a name created with the words “bord” and “eaux”. That means near the water. The name itself of the city of Bordeaux give you an overview of the kind of city you will see. Easy Bordeaux provides a guide with all the best places to see in Bordeaux and Surroundings. Follow the guide!


Bordeaux is considered to be an extremely entertaining city and relaxed place – Bordeaux is a great place to taste the French cusine with tipical recipes from South West of France. You can also enjoy the Atlantic sea near Bordeaux. There is hundred kilometers of uncontaminated  and free beaches. In most of them, you can even practise Naturism or Top less. South West of France is well known for its nudist resorts attracting people from over the world.


Bordeaux’s setting on the watercourse Garonne River has created it to be a crucial port for hundreds of years. The Basque Country and Kingdom of Spain are solely a pair of hours away and in three hours you’ll be able to air to the Pyrenean ski slopes, that’s awesome! Compared to other cities in France, you will be able to find top class accommodations in Bordeaux for cheap price.

Bordeaux is always dynamic. It is admired as what a cosmopolitan city is and it’s never going to be changed for its exciting factors with a new angle in its character. The bold modernism of the Bordeaux city and its engraving as world heritage site by 2007 have formed Bordeaux as a fascinating tourist place with French culture. The city’s lifestyle highlight the prominence of Bordeaux wine!!! If you want to really enjoy your trip you can book a private Driver in Bordeaux. Our partner Transport Low Cost will be your guide in Bordeaux. Just hire a Driver in Bordeaux on Line, pick the luxury car you want, fixed your destination and pick up place and that’s all. You can see the price automatically and pay securely online. Book a private Driver in Bordeaux!

The sparkling and complex town of Bordeaux will be a great getaway destination with an high foodie area and cultural entertainment. You will stay at the earth of a legendary wine growing region. Being associated with fine wines, Bordeaux is one of the France’s most stylish cities. The UNESCO World Heritage reward is the ultra dazzling part after its recent makeover. Bordered by the largest pine forest in Europe, Bordeaux is an ideal base for exploring wine châteaux of Medoc, of Saint-Emilion and of Bordeaux itself.