Bayonne Hotels


Bayonne is a familiar tourist attraction in France. The city is extremely popular for its ham and especially the chocolate. The city fascinated the tourists with its lovely beaches. Gorgeous seaside resorts are helpful for a lush holiday in Bayonne. A big and wonderful architectural church in Bayonne is the Cathedral Sainte-Marie. Modern paintings and ancient gothic designs enhance the vitality of the church. A basque museum is a unique place not to be missed while travelling Bayonne. Museum has the writings and displays of late history about the museum, rulers and the city. Chocolate workshop visit is the amazing visit among all others in Bayonne. You would love it to taste those delicious chocolates with fine displays. Unique chocolate tastes can be had with the combination of chilli pepper, dark chocolates with various mixing. Free sample of chocolates are offered at the end of your tour. A shop is also available to buy more chocolates for you to take it to your country and enjoy the stuff. Making of chocolates can be learnt in the small tour to the workshop. Bars and restaurants are found enormously in Bayonne.

A visit to a Bayonne ham factory can be entertaining.

Impressive colours of ham can definitely leave you, Mouth-watered in the ham factory. The quality of ham is really excellent to have. Local flavours of Ham are offered to you for free at the end of the visit. There is a shop close to the factory that has real products from the direct making of Ham. You can buy to taste the fresh quality of ham from Bayonne. The covered market is the most famous place in Bayonne and extremely crowded area during Saturdays. But you can buy things cheap on weekends. A vast area of shopping where almost you can purchase any things. A music band plays their music in the market on every 4th Saturday of each month. To entertain tourists and visitors, city of Bayonne encourages them on weekend times. Passionate sports in Bayonne city is the rugby. Pride of Bayonne also lies on the rugby matches won so far days. La Villa hotel is a comfortable hotel for the guests to stay with luxury facilities along with a great terrace. The views of the Pyrenees were lovely from rooms and a perfect place to adore visit in Bayonne. Ibis Budget Bayonne is a great value resort on a low budget. Foods at the restaurant are good and reasonable. Staffs are friendly with a good service. Le Grand Hotel is one of the modern hotels located in Bayonne with stylish elevators. Excellent facilities with a comfortable bed, a satellite TV and free Wi-Fi access are accessible. The restaurant room has a great transparent view of outside streets. Food with tasty dishes is provided with excellent service. Adonis Bayonne Hotel is an old hotel in Bayonne with good facilities, rooms are clean and service is good. Spacious rooms are comfortable and modernised bathrooms look nice to have a uniquely experienced stay in Bayonne. Le Poteau Rose is a wonderful accommodation to feel luxury. The charming outlook and excellent foods at the restaurant are really good to have. Well, worth a stay in Poteau rose hotel in Bayonne!