Bistro du Musée

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Bistro du Musée Restaurant, Bordeaux, France!

The Bistro Museum located opposite to the cathedral right in the center of Bordeaux (Gironde). The Museum Bistro is a restaurant where the reception greatly hospitalises the visitors.

Bordeaux is a city that takes fine dining with Bistro in a perfect way. Whether at traditional restaurants serving homemade cooking, brasseries, wine bars, or theme restaurants, you are sure to find a meal to your taste.

Take advantage of being in Bordeaux over a weekend or on your holidays to enjoy a Michelin-starred restaurant, the latest Japanese eatery or a surprising wine bar. Bordeaux will surprise you again and again and will provide you with untold gastronomic pleasures. A jam of riches!!!

Significant Bistro Restaurant

The museum bistro is a restaurant that is placed in the centre of Bordeaux city which is found opposite to the cathedral offers generous and tasty cuisine with a great wines list of Bordeaux. The bistro museum restaurant is homemade, fresh; master foods located in Gironde of Bordeaux invites all that provides specialised homemade cooking for its customers and visitors.

Reception of the bistro museum is really friendly and spontaneous to all the visitors. The side doors are displayed and decorated with creepers and wine that renews with the Bordeaux style wine of bistro. The wines are numerous that they are not less than references in the list.

Authentic French restaurants are somewhat tough to get, but Bistro museum in Bordeaux hits virtually all the right things to make the dining experience that makes you feel like, you have slipped temporarily into a little pocket of France. This restaurant is located on a side street, the dining room itself small, quaint and the walls full of vintage French art.

Excellent service of Bistro Musee

The service offered in this bistro restaurant is really good and perfect hospitality is maintained here. Varieties of wines are offered according to the needs as Bordeaux is well known for its wine production. As the time passes in a day this bistro museum restaurant starts getting busy with lots of crowds nearly after 7 in the evening.

The more time passes the more decorative and classy the restaurant is. The menu of the bistro museum restaurant has varieties that begin with a starter then the main course and then dessert and some days with special offers that includes drinks likely the different tastes of wines.


The bistro restaurant will be opened from morning 8 a.m. till night at 10 p.m.