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Wine Lifestyle Secrets with Bordeaux.

The world of wine within the town of Bordeaux revolves around producers and negotiates i.e. the merchants; around 70% of all wines are sold by the last. A visitor’s day will begin with a tour in the chartrons district that has been the main part for the trade of wine for various centuries. The museum devoted to the merchants shows that how well they came from Northern Europe during the 17th century and contributed enormously to Bordeaux’s prosperity.

It has a port where the exporting of wine is also stressed. After having a relaxed and luxurious lunch at baud and millet restaurant, based on the program, it will be the time to visit Saint-Emilion or the Medoc. A day-long excursion within the city and vineyards includes the Chartrons (the historic wine merchants’ district) and the prestigious Saint-Emilion on Wednesdays or the Medoc during Saturdays.

A day in Bordeaux

During Wednesdays, the afternoon will begin with a tour in an estate followed by a tasting in the saint-Emilion. The secret of making good wine will be defined in detail and also about terroir, grape varieties, winemaking, barrel ageing, etc.

The day will pleasantly end in visiting the popular medieval town of Bordeaux. The terroir of Bordeaux is quite simply the soil. There is a range of things to contemplate that make the special terroir of Bordeaux.

The sweet, white Bordeaux wine of Sauternes and Barsac are produced from their own, distinct sets of soils, terroir and gentle slopes. During Saturdays tour is planned in the Medoc where there will a two kind of visits the first one will be at a family owned estate and next will be to a chateau which is famous for its quirky regional architecture. As this tour involves tasting of Wine, some restrictions are followed where children under the age of 13 are not allowed in this tour and teenager under 18 will not be allowed to taste the wine.

Schedule of tour in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is synonymous with wine and an unprecedented heritage and boasts of no, but 5000 chateaux. The tour is scheduled with timings beginning from the departure, then lunch and the final reach and moreover it is a guided tour where the ancient and modern things are explained to the visitors. Best Time to visit Bordeaux. The middle of March is cooling, however, nice and most of the folks you would like to envision area unit in Bordeaux, preparing for the all-important Gregorian calendar month tastings.

The centre of the Gregorian calendar month is ideal because scoop tastings are completed and the general public area unit in Bordeaux. With the exception of a period in odd-numbered years that we tend to already told you regarding, thanks to Vinexpo, Bordeaux is ideal to go to till everybody leaves for vacation in August. Ranging from the start of September to reap is once more excellent for visiting the Bordeaux region.

From the centre of October till late November is additionally nice for a visit to Bordeaux. By the tip of November, Bordeaux will get quite cold and not be as pleasurable to go to for many folks. This tour explores the vineyards that have created Bordeaux wines notable in the planet over on this full-day wine tour. One may discover Bordeaux’s extraordinary wine heritage, history and develop a style for the fabulous wines of Bordeaux!

To take a tour consisting of 10 persons anyone can contact the Bordeaux tourist office by emailing to for checking the availability and price. One day will begin by morning 9:30 a.m. from Bordeaux tourist office and returns back by 6:30 p.m. in the evening. A day spent in the city of Bordeaux and vineyards to understand the secrets behind wine making in Bordeaux will be amazing!!!

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