Bordeaux Hotels

Bordeaux is a wonderful tourist city in France compared to all others. A vast area of Bordeaux is listed under world heritage site. Bordeaux city is famous for its delicious wines. Romans was the one who first introduced wine in Bordeaux. The tasty wines are produced enormously in nearly 50 castles within Bordeaux itself. Many ancient monuments and gothic style churches are still preserved in Bordeaux for tourist attractions. Bordeaux is also a major city for business. The city is prestigiously named as the city of Art and History. Opera national theatre is a big theatre in the entire France and it is located in Bordeaux. Several festivals are held in the city throughout the year that cherishes people of the city with extreme joy! Basque country and Spain are also easily reachable in 2 hours from Bordeaux. The tremendous Arcachon bay plays a vital role in the tourist destinations of Bordeaux. The wonderful architecture and wines from major chateaus like Medoc, Saint-Emilion are the highlights of Bordeaux. A quite big city which is also known to be a Mini Paris. One of the France’s most stylish city is Bordeaux. Shopping, cinemas, resorts, castles, entertainment, monuments and culture is all a great fame for the city of Bordeaux. Popular sports of the city are football. Roller skating is very famous to be on the wheels of the city. Bordeaux tourism office arranges a tour for visitors to all the castles. You can have experience of learning how wines are made. The exciting part of the tour is the wine tasting. Tasting is allowed for people above 18 years of age. You can make use of the guide who travels with you. He / She explains you all the methods, you can also prepare a small amount of wine in some castles. Contemporary art museums take the second place in popularity for tourist spots. Art museums are well preserved and collections of ancient items in the museum are numerous. Gardens and fountains decorate the entire city and fascinate people of all ages. Art can be a major memorable part in anyone’s life. In Bordeaux, artists make you sit for a while and give the picture perfect image of yours. Pencil art is almost loved by all newlywed couples and youngsters. Do not miss your picture from great artists of Bordeaux. Hotels dating back to 16th century are still preserved and modernised for the tourists with famous vineyards overview. The history, economy and culture of Bordeaux city have always been related to the production and marketing of wine. Medieval stone towers are very popular in Bordeaux like Saint-Michael. Bordeaux began to expand its familiarity from 1945. A glorious city to enjoy holidays. You can do shopping at Saint-Catherine street at all days. Restaurants on the street with outside sitting is amazing to enjoy a tour in Bordeaux. A chance to look over the local peoples of Bordeaux to observe their culture and way of living. Learning part in Bordeaux is the wine tasting courses and sampling of creative dishes made in the castles.