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Located just a step from the lake, at the heart of the casino, the Brewery Artists invites you to choose your package as lunch buffets, Southwest bistro dishes, kinds of seafood, fish and grills. The atmosphere is sincere, friendly and openhearted which is the traditional restaurant.

Best beer in Brewery artists

The brewery artists are a restaurant that has the pleasure to service you the original dishes by the TDA team. They have got the best local beer and best upscale bar from the readers and even the best local bottled beer and the best first-date bar from the editors in the 2009 City Paper Best of the issue. It is worth taking any kind of beer in this restaurant. Beer lovers this is the exact place for you to have utmost fun in Bordeaux!

Exuberant Cask night in Brewery artists

Tourists and even local peoples should be really lucky to have enthusiastic cask night in the second Wednesdays of every week that starts by 4 pm in this brewery artist’s restaurant. Each month they will offer a different cask of our beer that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Bordeaux or any other region of France, at any other time.

Delicious desserts in Brewery artists

A variety of chocolates that includes rich dark chocolate, a hint of Proletary Ale, chocolate ganache are available in brewery artists and cheesecakes like seasonal berries, graham cracker crust, whipped cream and peach cakes that involves local peaches, vanilla sour cream pound cake, brown sugar & cinnamon are accessible from this brewery artists restaurant.

Creekstone Farm’s black Angus beef cooked to your temperature, butter case cheese, pickled onions, porcini ketchup with rosemary Garlic Fries. Special Limburger is made with smoked blue cheese, heirloom tomato, avocado butter, served with rosemary garlic fries.

A delightfully full-bodied yet easy to drink abbey brown ale that has become our flagship brand thanks to Baltimore’s loyalty. The boys of summer are back home in Baltimore and they would have thought to get you ready with this nice pale ale.

In this brewery artists restaurant, there are four kinds of whiskey namely single malt scotch, Japanese Whiskey, American whiskey and American rye. We offer a wide variety of wines, both by the glass and by the bottle.

Catering service in here

The Brewer’s Art is a restaurant and microbrewery located in a 19th-century townhouse in the historic mount Vernon in Baltimore. After many customer requests, they began offering limited in-house catering services.

Our elegant space, freshly prepared modern continental cuisine, award-winning house-made ales and an excellent wine list that are combined with reasonable prices, have made us a popular spot for everything from rehearsal dinners to business meetings and holiday parties.

Special occasion spent in Brewery artists

Reservations can be made in the brewery artists restaurant for the dining room and they do not serve any bar food in the dining room. Tables in the bar and lounge area are accessible on a first come, first serve basis. Both menus are available in the bar areas. They do gift cards if we wish and book earlier on our special occasion to whom we present.