Café Andrée Putman

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Café Andrée Putman (CAPC) Bordeaux!

Located on the terraces of Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, Café Andrée Putman attracts more visitors every day.

The dishes offered in Café Andrée Putman are a mix of unexpected and classic flavours. Only open for lunch, I am glad to share with you that the set menu changes daily in this cafe. Café Andrée Putman is a unique place in the city, with an attractively vegetated terrace, large and pleasant space both inside and out.

Joyous weekend visit Café Andrée putman

Café Andrée Putman is the ingress of the Museum of Contemporary Art in short the CAPC museum. This cafe offers a quiet and quirky ambience in the city centre of Bordeaux as it is found on the top of CAPC museum.  It will be exciting to visit during Saturdays and Sundays, as they offer the popular eating brunches menu that all of us would love to have filled with produce and moreover at the cost of 29 Euros.

On Sunday brunch includes a buffet sweet and savoury desire with pastries, slices of bread, scrambled eggs, sausage and dishes at hot and cold and hot drinks at will. The location of seating itself would be pleasant during weekends as we will be sitting between Richard’s Long works who is a famous English sculptor, painter, as well as photographer and Andrée Putnam’s creation who is also a famous French Architect and designer. Moreover, this seating is the most highlight part in this cafe on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fantabulous design of Café Andrée

In the “historic” decor designed by the biggest signing of international design Andree Putman and was framed by two works by the British artist Richard Long that embark for a foodie journey, in perfect balance with the spirit of the place.

The Café Andrée Putman can accommodate around 350 people during private meetings, concerts, celebrations over their fantastic cocktails and dinners with a prior booking. Café Andrée Putman is also dear called as Cafe of Museum as it is located on the top of a familiar museum.

Food and decor in Café Andrée

If we like to have our special lunch at the terrace it will be the perfect decision as it is a nice terrace with the shade. Though the price is quite high to our expectation, it is worth taking the fresh daily dishes made in this Café Andrée. The location is little remote and if you want to visit the entire Bordeaux to have a look at, this doesn’t matter!

Plentiful and very good brunches are available and served in this cafe. The decor is exalting and really cosy! Hospitality is quite good to serve the wanted food. On a sunny day, it is a pleasure to come and read a book while drinking a coffee in this lovely quiet and serene setting that gives the impression of not being in the city.

The quality cuisine plays an important role in Café Andrée to provide those varieties of numerous brunches and kinds of daily fresh dishes every morning on a single day!