Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts

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The Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts is an intimate warm place. It offers the opportunity to dine and attend performances in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The pieces are played effective and light comedies that can charm the spectators. Cafe theatre is very close to the tourist information centre and feels very fresh along with good service and I would recommend to all!

Ambience in Cafe theatre

It is the perfect place to have a good time entertainment. The formula dinner show is composed of a slate with several dishes and drinks. A happy team awaits you, comfort and ambience are very pleasant and you are under excellent arrangements to make the most of your evening entertainment and that of artists spans prepared with great enthusiasm.

A true dinner theatre of up to 100 seats with 3/4th around a bistro table The theatre opens one hour before the show, as well, comfortably installed with friends or family around your table, you can, if you like, eat or drink.

Located at the entrance of the city, the heart of the St. Croix area traditionally devoted to art and culture and near the docks of Bordeaux trendy nights, Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts is a unique place designed by passionate celebration and theatre.

Enthusiasm filled theatre

This place, with easy access of car park opposite on the quays, offers an evening of relaxation and pleasure. The team welcomes you with a smile and offers to live a great moment to laugh in a place full of charm and character. The cafe theatre of the beaux arts is a performance hall and events venue in the municipality of Bordeaux in Gironde, Aquitaine. The programme varies depending on the season.

Come and see the show, you can simply enjoy a drink in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Between warm decor, gourmet meals and detonating shows is a great time of entertainment that awaits you! Here, nothing makes us happier than to share our passion of the show, always faithful to our motto: Laughing, dreaming, meet, munch.

The team of the Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts gives an entire pleasure of enjoying the shows. In a fusion of performances, authenticity and fun, Cafe Theatre des beaux Arts strives to seduce you, make you laugh or amaze you. “Let the show begin!” and our enjoyment meet their end.

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