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Carré d'artistes in Bordeaux, France.

An Ethiopian artist, Abiy first became known in his country after having studied and taught art in Addis-Ababa. The Ethiopian–French Alliance was the first to believe in his work and to export his art to France.

In 2006, his participation in the 1st Congress of African writers at Unesco in Paris marked an important milestone in his career. He then settled in a small town in the Ardeche two years later. A member of Az’arts since 2010, he participates in numerous exhibitions of the Ardeche community, while increasing his appearances in the artist.

Carré d’artistes collections

Carré d’artistes offers a permanent collection of 500 talented artists in 20 galleries throughout Europe and overseas. Be dazzled by the creativity and variety of selected works. Wander through open exhibition and meeting spaces. Throughout the year, educational and artistic events, dedications and studio visits are full of emotions for artists and art lovers. A real alternative in the art world, making contemporary art accessible, Carré d’artistes is ambitious, generous and respectful of artists.

Carré d´artistes wanted to speak to children and propose a fun discover of art. Some Children Workshop occurs the last Wednesday of the month, at 6 pm and 7 pm. We want to make unique and original Art accessible and affordable to all! We display more than 1500 artworks from 25 international artists!

Arts for selling

A square artist makes contemporary art accessible to all! The warm and friendly galleries offer to discover unique works of art. The prices are affordable from € 70. Square artists support the creation and offers 500 artists from around the world the opportunity to exhibit in 20 international galleries. Each Gallery exhibits permanently a selection of twenty artists. Per month a new artist is encouraged.

Carré d’artistes establishes modern art in offering quality works and fixed price formats and are reasonably affordable. Twenty contemporary artists are exhibited in each of the 18 galleries of art square artists, in France and abroad.

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