Château de Léognan

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Castle Leognan, Bordeaux, France.

At each and every moment, those precious berries and juice are safeguarded from damage or oxidation.

Château de Léognan estate was stretched for more than 550 hectares during the 17th century. At that time, it was belonging to Jean and housed sheepfolds called as “Metairie Caudéran”. Then during the 19th century this château de léognan was bought by a ship owner named Mathieu Seurin.

Explosive Antiquity of Château de Léognan

At the time of those years, château de léognan was altering its owners. The shape of Château de Léognan we see today was divided during the 20th century. An astounding gravel sand vein was found close to the pond then around 6 hectares of vines were planted in the idea and help of the neighbouring estate popularly known as the Domaine de Chevalier, a Classified Great Growth of Graves.

When Monsieur Jean-Marie Dubo owned this chateau Leognan, he extended the castle with a gallery supported by four columns and created a pond and a pen for the fallow deer.  Recently in 2006, after a long search for a better quality wines in a wine estate, Philipe and Chantal restored the sadly dilapidated castle and chapel into a leading glory.

To know the tasty grape plantations in léognan chateau

The vineyards need constant care during all weathers and meticulous double Guyot trimming is undertaken late, in order to reduce frost risk. The garden spots of Leognan castle nestle is in the centre of a pastoral estate, teeming with wildlife and protected from the Atlantic by pinewood forests.

The efforts of all working are dedicated to the enthralling moment of each year when autumn season heralds the ripening grapes, fruit of the earth and of the sun. Gravity is usually used to pour the grapes into the aiming machine and further selections ensure that only the very best berries reach the vats.

At each and every moment, those precious berries and juice are safeguarded from damage or oxidation. We have selected high-quality stainless steel vats with entire temperature control, where each one would correspond perfectly to our 6 different parcels. Barrels are selected from a range of coopers from various regions where each brings its own inherent flavours to the final blend.Different levels of Barrel ‘toast’ also contribute their flavours and complexity.

This advanced pump technology originally develops medical environments mainly designed to handle delicate fluids without damage and so the juice, skins and berries are gently crushed and mixed without a risk of harsh extraction or bitter tannins. Temperatures are carefully monitored throughout and after the second fermentation process, the wine is placed in barrels for maturation.

Great wines and facilities to stay in Château de léognan

The Castle is settled in the rural landscape of Léognan amongst vineyards and horses. This castle has four luxurious ensuite bedrooms that are individually designed and decorated to a very high specification, offering comfort and privacy. In lush greenery, just outside léognan vineyards and horses, the castle of léognan welcomes us all every year providing with 4 rooms along with delighting colours and materials or toning all decorated halls with comfortable and private bath. Stroll in the shade of oak and cedar trees, among the vineyards or along the lake; discover our haven of peace near Bordeaux.

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