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Cognac Only, the famous shop in Bordeaux.

In cognac only shop, you'll find 400 different Cognac bottles and decanters. With its​ unique expertise, Cognac-Only stays the best.

The cognac only shops in Bordeaux and the Rochelle hosts a stunning formation of some 400 Cognac and Pineau des Charentes bottles and decanters. Although all of the big names is present like Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, Remy Martin, a room has also been found for smaller concerns.

Those distillers who carefully grow their own grapes slowly distil their wine and patiently age their brandy in the silence of their cellars. These are high-quality products which have remained something of a well-kept secret.

Inner details about cognac to be known

Our goal is to open the door to this extraordinary diversity and allow you to share our passion for that most coveted of spirits which are “COGNAC”. Cognac Only shop, the two only Cognac shops located in the Rochelle and Bordeaux in France, Cognac Only shops offer around 400 different bottles of cognac. International brands and little Cognac only producers include Cognac VS, Cognac VSOP, Napoleon Cognac, Cognac XO, Extra Cognac, very old Cognac.

From all crus, Fine Champagne Cognac, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois ordinaries. Personalized tracking of your orders of Cognac only and Pineau des Charentes, selection assistance is given. Pablo in Bordeaux, Dominique in La Rochelle is waiting for your orders.

Cognac review sounds good

A good place to buy the best of cognacs where only cognacs will be present and a man will be explaining the visitors about the kinds of those cognacs and which to be had before lunch or the other one that will be preferred after food. The phenomenon of making wine is explained a little. Best shop of cognac in France to judge by an “assortment of unique brands”.

There are around 400 references in this cognac only shop. Tastings of cognac are offered for people in groups and that too by an appointment.  The cognac only shops do their exports to France as well as to abroad and thematic tastings are involved in cognac shop. The best in offering the widest range of cognac and the beauty is, it offers only “cognac” and not in the cognac city!!! They do export cognac even worldwide.

Time was taken by cognac to reach and be produced

Cognac can take anything from a couple of years to centuries to come of age.  It’s all to do with the aging process in barrels and a passage of time is something that can’t be hurried unless the human race eventually manages to beat the time travel.  But until such a time, it’s only the slow passing of the years that will create the cognacs we know and love. Cognac is made in the geographical region of “cognac, France”.

Making of cognac in shade

Cognac is a beautiful amber hue. Of course, depending on the age of the cognac, this color can range from light to honey-like tones right through to a deep mahogany brown shade. This is one of the delights of cognac, you can tell so much about it even before you get close enough to smell the aroma, let alone taste it.

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