Galerie DX

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Exhibition at the gallery DX Bordeaux.

Gallery DX proposes to introduce a selection of modern artists recognized and referenced in the French and international scene.

Starting from its creation in January 2009, the galerie DX has always defended a demanding and consistent artistic line: In a research approach and understanding of current developments artistic movements, in careful reflections to innovative ideas finally, through a college art direction.

Exhibitions in Galerie DX

The gallery features temporary exhibitions of international artists and young artists. It also participates in various international fairs and Art Paris. The Gallery DX, Contemporary Art Gallery, located in the centre of Bordeaux, is the Chamber between the Grand Theatre and the CAPC. The Gallery DX offers a selection of contemporary artists, painters and sculptors.

Since opening in January 2009, the gallery has organized 8 exhibitions: Richard Texier, Claude Viallat / Jean-Charles Blais / Alain Ballereau, Cédric Bouteiller, Lydia Arickx Bernard Ouvrard, Chérif and Geza, Cyril Olanier and Kjeld Ulrich.

Special display of great artists

The vendors choice is purposefully extensive to meet the interest and curiosity of Bordeaux and visitors enjoy alternately present national and international artists and new talent to be discovered.

Alongside these personal exhibitions, the gallery works of artists has constantly cited above and Robert Combas, Godwin Hoffmann, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Rancinan Tony Soulie, Anton Tàpies, Kimiko Yoshida that are presented on demand. The Gallery DX also wishes to be a meeting place, the link between artists, magicians who give to see and think and lovers always looking for artistic emotions.

Gallery DX proposes to introduce a selection of modern artists recognized and referenced in the French and international scene. Created by a couple Bordeaux enthusiasts of fashion art, the gallery features DX large plastic currents of recent decades through selected artists, gallerist’s favourite painters and recent discoveries. The Genesis Gallery exhibits work which is responsive to a particular theme, often beginning from an installation of form and sculpture expanding to include art created in space itself.

Variety shows on theme

At Gallery Arcturus, they do not have a mandate or schedule obliging you to put up the next show as soon as possible. The exhibits unfold from one on to the next in a large part because they allow pauses between to inspire what will come next.

When space is completely empty it is quiet, perfect and expansive inviting inquiry to arise. Often it begins with the placement of a single natural object or sculpture in space. Immediately, there is potential for initiating new possibilities. From a moment, the artists can engage in responding to what you see. A physical installation allows the question to have a practical, significant form that engages the artists in exploring it.

Painting, collaging or drawing their findings for the viewer’s feedback. Any artists those who wish to participate in the format are welcomed. You can be the one if you wish to get applauds!
The process may be increased over a few days, spread out within a month or an artist may come in and simply wish to grant a single work. When the collected work seems to be completed, it is hanging in a way that leads the viewer through a process of discovery.

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