Le Chapon Fin

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Le Chapon Fin in Bordeaux!

The chapon fin has the great wines of Bordeaux as well as wines from all other regions.

The end chapon is over a century of gastronomy. This restaurant was inaugurated in 1825. The end chapon restaurant is one of the leading gourmet restaurants that were triple-starred at the history itself by Michelin in the year of 1933.

Antique fame of end chapon

Le chapon fin is one of 33 first settlements that were crowned in the early times during 17th century itself. Then at the 20th century, merchant of Bordeaux, traveller’s transatlantic rich, prestigious customer of Cafe English way to their resort found on the Basque coast, while the entire world ends at Bordeaux stop.

Elegant customer of end chapon

Le Chapon Fin becomes a new appointment for every person who are visiting for the first time that is very French, delicious and refined. This gourmet restaurant has always kept its fame and charm and is still being in the Michelin guide.

Priority of Chef in End Chapon

The best-renowned chef of chapon fin is Nicolas who is from Britain began his career starting from 2003. He joined in chapon fin in the year of 2012. His priority is to articulate its cuisine around a search for the best products. It carefully selects its suppliers and offers tasty, contemporary, authentic and with respect for traditions and local products. That may be the secret of chapon fin’s fame! I mean the chef’s priority!

Delightful wines in end chapon

The chapon fin has the great wines of Bordeaux as well as wines from all other regions that are tremendous in tasting before a meal or a breakfast or even a supper! Wines are well stocked in this restaurant to serve a variety of customers with their specific needs.

Wines that express the character of a particular region or grape variety is probably a significant thing offered in this restaurant

Wine cellar secrets in Bordeaux

The manager invites you to share his passion for wine with a guided tour of the almost two hundred years old cellar before or after your meal to just make you enthusiast to know how wines are made and stored.

It’s amazing to know that a sommelier will accompany you for a convivial guided tasting in the Chapon Fin’s magnificent cellar. We can develop our palate and learn about the characteristics of Bordeaux’s different appellations.

Every time there will be a wine and Business club in Bordeaux before the summer break and that will be held in le chapon fin that is the end chapon.

Special Moments in End Chapon

At the heart of the cellar of the fifteenth century the Chapon Fin, “Le Petit Salon” new space of the restaurant invites you to a professional confidential or private moment where you can receive a dozen people.

With pleasure, you can call them for making your custom events like official Seminars, divine lunch with families and friends, special dinners, exclusive tastings for a special day and occasion for an official get together.

The signing of the food and wine of Nicolas Nguyen Van Hai and our Chef Alexandre Morin Head Sommelier will ensure an exceptional experience for you all the time and especially for your Dazzling day you spend in the end chapon.