L’Ice Room

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Ice Room Bordeaux France!

The largest ice bar in Europe is found on the docks of Bordeaux! The Ice room could be an absolutely opaque house of regarding 88m ² that needed a delivery of thirty-five plenty of ice for its style. Its decoration consists of ice sculptures like bar, sofas, fire and lighting effects, bushed an environment at -10 ° and like other ice bars, here in Bordeaux ice bar too, they offer cocktails to slip vodka to warm you up!

Bar along with ice room

A hard drink welcome appetizer is offered “to break the ice and heat hearts”! The Ice space is additionally associated in a part of bar with a counter to be integrated with interactive screens, a influential person mezzanine, a lounge space wherever you will be able to relish wonderful cocktails whereas being attentive to a specially designated songs trends by the resident DJ and so jiggle to the rhythm of the dancers.

The Ice bar, nestled within the Ice Room, reveals a totally iced decorated with ice sculptures. A new space was born in Bordeaux, ICE ROOM that is a restaurant offering modern brewery cuisine. The ice room in Bordeaux design is also a welcoming bar with a single desk and ice bar (ice bar) chilled to -10 degrees will make you live an awesome experience and unforgettable. The ICE ROOM promises a complete change of scenery!

Open terrace enjoyment in ice room

The Ice room is a public space where a restaurant, bar tone, an open terrace and the famous Ice Bar is accommodated. Daily several hours, the restaurant is open to the tourists and people of Bordeaux serving food for 8 hours daily. In the night, the Ice Bar rolls and music plays while drinks are being served etc. where one can enjoy the ice room like a pub and classy restaurant as well.

The Ice Room offers different spaces in which you can enjoy the Bordeaux nightlife. The main attraction at the Ice Room is, of course, the Ice Bar: a frozen kingdom of around 88m², made from 35 tonnes of ice. The play of lights makes this icy world even more magical with its seating, bar and fireplace modelled out of ice. But the Ice Room also has a bar with a warmer atmosphere, as well as a restaurant and a luxuriate area where you can sip elegance, inspired cocktails and dance when the resident DJ gets the dance floor heated up.

In this website, even tickets can be booked earlier to pre-plan a visit But currently this popular ice room and its bar in Bordeaux are closed.