Makila Kafé

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Makila Kafé Bordeaux!

The Makila Kafé entrusts you with the production of a music video depicting the evening " Western " in early December.

This beautiful Makila Cafe restaurant is popular with superb terrace overlooking the Garonne, offers a cuisine with flavours of the South Basque Country in South of France, Spain… It smells like summer!

Unique decor with friendly ambience

A very good and nice big salad is available and is reasonable to do. It is nice to have ice cream and cocktails, will be very satisfied with the friendly setting, unique decor! Nice restaurant on the wonderful wharfs of Bordeaux. Waiters are pleasant and welcoming.

Pleasant atmosphere and attentive service, we could choose our table and especially the location of it, this sounds good when we go to a restaurant with the extreme gorgeous decor! You will exactly feel pleasant surprised with their friendly welcome, not to wait too much and salads offered are really plentiful even though the price is little expensive. It is worth paying for the salads alone offered with great quality!

Terrace with Garonne view

It is well positioned on the waterfront with many tables on the terrace. The dishes are still rather well served and tasty, even if it is formatted assembly kitchen. Makila Cafe is specially designed to attract the tourist passing customers.

Prices are up to the board and daily specials! Hearty, delicious crunchy! Worth spending a good time in a frame along the Garonne! Cocktail lounge and dancing after a good meal are suggested to do here in Makila cafe. The Cloakroom the Makila captivates you on modern house rhythms mixed by their resident DJ, “MKut”.

Offerings of Makila cafe

The Makila is also a Lounge Bar Atmosphere! “The Coat of Makila” offer guests cocktails and tapas bartenders on driving rhythms of DJ resident. The Makila cafe restaurant offers a varied cuisine, with Basque and Spanish influences to enjoy inside or outside on the terrace.

Timings will be from morning 10 to afternoon 2 o’ clock. On the terrace of Makila cafe offers breathtaking views of the Garonne that looks after the small boats with always the same air expressionless. The Makila cafe is the trendy and chic corner for a drink, especially in the side of the cloakroom, the lounge bar coffee or to eat a Basque specialty.

Amusement on Weekend Nights

You will get a direct view of the Garonne and a nice meal to enjoy on the sunny terrace. The bone marrow and roast camembert are a marvel. The price is very affordable and the dishes are original. The decor is super nice with incredible interior and friendly service.

You can sit outside when the weather permits and it, of course, gets crowded. Service is friendly and efficient. A very good place to visit to have a view of Garonne River by taking our table at the terrace. The weekend night can be better booked earlier to enjoy you special evening with DJ’s and delicious food with cocktails.