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Medoc art of Wines, Bordeaux.

Trace the winemaking process from wine to bottle and can learn how to decipher a French wine label.

People can discover the Medoc through the castle where the arts, architectures and poetry are closely coupled with the wine. With the full day wine tour from Bordeaux, you will taste your way through the popular Medoc wine region. The red wines gave the prestigious reputation for the Medoc during 1855 Bordeaux classification and you will have that sample premium red wines at three different castles. The expert guide who will accompany you during this full day tour will provide you the inside scoop on Bordeaux’s rich winemaking heritage.

Medoc – Learn art of food in Bordeaux’s

You will learn about the art of food and wine pairing, how to read a French wine label and more. Enjoy a typical French lunch at the second château you visit!  As you savour a variety of these celebrated wines, your guide will teach you all about Bordeaux winemaking. The visitors and tourists can get on the air conditioned coach at Bordeaux tourist office in the morning and you can get ready for the full day wine tour of Bordeaux in Medoc. Trace the winemaking process from wine to bottle and can learn how to decipher a French wine label. You will also discover the art of food and wine pairing especially.

Essence trip to Medoc

A trip to Bordeaux wine place is a beautiful time to be spent, full of elegant wine tastings and tours of ancient cellars. But in Bordeaux’s Medoc place, you can take your love of wine even further with an interactive wine adventure. Many castles here have opened their doors to reveal their winemaking secrets and you can choose from a range of immersive experiences.  Don’t miss the chance to visit the heart of Bordeaux premier wine-growing region’ the marvellous Medoc. This art and wine tour takes you to 3 famous wineries: Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, Chateau Lynch-Bages and Chateau d’arsac.

The most exciting hands-on experience here is consuming in the barrel maker workshop, where you will taste wine directly from the barrels and inspect the distinct aromas of wine at 22 Euros, or the sommelier workshop, where you can try your hand at the art of food and wine pairing while knowing about the importance of terroir at 30 Euros.

Wine enthusiast experience in Bordeaux – Medoc

Wine specialists know that the barrel can make the wine. Making barrels themselves is a revered art that the French keep close to their heart. But travellers have the chance to learn more about famed French Oak barrels important role and even try at making one with their hands in the barrel-making factory.  Workshops will cost 10 Euros per person with availability from Monday to Friday by reservation. A taste of the graves appellation in its red or white form in the vineyards and castles including various castles, which was created from top to bottom by the designer, who is also an architect named Sylvain Dubuisson. After your third visit, you can relax on the ride back to Bordeaux, where your full-day wine tour ends.

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