Museum of Decorative Arts & Design

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Decorative Arts Museum and Bordeaux Design is housed in a mansion called Hotel de Laland. Museum of decorative arts and design is fortunate to be housed in an impressive monument. It adds a lot of charms and prestige.

Story of Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

The museum was built in 1779 between yards and garden by the famous Bordeaux architect Etienne Laclotte. It is dedicated for the family of Raymond Stone parliamentarian Lalande. The hotel was redecorated with the style of the late 18th-century building. It is an altogether remarkable example of a house belonging to the Bordeaux richness at the end of the ancient rule.

Unique Collection in the museum

Furniture, furniture port, ceramics, glassware, metalwork, music and measuring instruments are the collections found in the museum of decorative arts and design. Miniatures, tableware or intimate objects be a rich example of French decorative arts, particularly Bordeaux’s 18th and 19th centuries.

The proof on the history of Bordeaux, city of lights and largest trading port in the 18th century can be amazed at the museum of decorative arts and design. The display of collections in the museum can be seen in three floors. The building of the hotel has three different floors with various unique and exciting collections of ancient Bordeaux.

Specialties in collections

Within the museum, there are four small rooms in the style of the 19th century dedicated to Jeanvrot collection of the Bourbons of the Restoration. Factories of Fine-David Johnston and Old Man of the 19th century are largely presented in the museum. Visitors to the city can discover the soul of old Bordeaux at the Decorative Arts Museum.

In the museum of decorative arts and design, two kinds of exhibition take place. One is the permanent exhibition that costs 4 Euros and the other is the temporary exhibition that costs 5 Euros. The entrance is free for young people less than 18 years old.