National Museum of the Customs

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National museum of the customs is the best example for Bordeaux’s 19th-century wonderful architectures.

Remembrance in National museum of the customs

The only shipping exchange in France is Place de la bourse. It is overlooked by national museum of customs. The museum of customs is an amazing museum that gets you back with curiosity to the 18th century.

Ancient story of the museum

National museum of the customs is located in the Hotel des Fermes du Roi. The building of the museum was originally designed to house the ancestor of the customs department. Ancestor of customs took responsibility of general farm. The farm was useful in a collection of taxes for the king.

Location of national museum of the custom

The local headquarters of French customs had been found in the current place for over two centuries. National museum of customs is found in the previous customs hall which is 40 metres long with 16 pillars.

The superb arches and true cabinet of curiosities majorly represent the museum of customs.

Fascinating visit to Museum

The museum is displayed with uniforms, furniture, maps, a model of scales, musical instruments and all sorts of enclosed items. The presentation of various works of art is interesting to admire during the visit of the museum.

Impressive paintings by Claude Monet, Cabane des douaniers, effet d’après-midi and an impressive drawing by Salvador Dali are the highlighting arts in National museum of the customs. The oldest branch of the French civil service can be completely known by visiting national museum of the customs.