National Opera of Bordeaux

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Opera National de Bordeaux!

The design and glory of the architecture of opera is always a glad to have a visit inside!

National Opera of Bordeaux is for everyone from all ages addressing various collections ranging from baroque to modern works, from classical to hip hop dance, while not to mention the shows for young people.

Masterly artists of national opera of Bordeaux

This will continuously claim. Leads to an eclectic and exciting programming at the Opera National de Bordeaux are having grouped artists with very different profiles whose talent can produce performances of great quality: 120 musicians at the Orchestra National Bordeaux Aquitaine, 38 dancers Ballet, 40 singers in the choir, decorators, painters, costume workshops, the stage technicians and guest artists.

Various performances of Artists

You can find them in the many Bordeaux cultural venues, of course, the Grand Theatre, but also to Auditorium, the Church of Our Lady, the Casino and the TnBA. They are also on the stages of Bordeaux Aquitaine, National and International tours through contributing to strengthening the influence of the city.

Anxious to facilitate access to shows, the Bordeaux National Opera has set up direct access to an accessible online booking from each show. News of the Opera National de Bordeaux activities around the programming of scenes, extramural activities, tours.

Ballet in National Opera of Bordeaux

Since the arrival of Charles Jude to head the Ballet of Bordeaux National Opera, at the request of Thierry Fouquet in 1996, the company had become one of the most famous choreographic landscapes of our time. The tours in Japan, the USA, Spain, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands and recently in China by January 2012 has been evidenced by obtaining the famous Prix Serge Lifar in 2001. Award the Herald Angels Edinburgh International Festival (2003), not to mention the title of “Best Foreign ballet” obtained in Cuba.

Choreographers for special ballet in national opera

Made up of 38 dancers, the ballet of the National Opera of Bordeaux offers the public, over the seasons, a large page of the classical collection such as Nutcracker, Giselle, Coppélia, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Don Quixote. But also the masterpieces of Russian ballet as Prelude to the afternoon of a faun, Petrushka, Le Spectre de la Rose, Le Tricorne, Parade, Noces, The Rite of Spring (in the rare version of Massine) without forgetting the choreography of Balanchine and Lifar.

The company also gladly opens a neo-classical work and contemporary, as shown by various choreographies by William Forsythe, Carolyn Carlson, Kylián, Thierry Malandain, Claude Brumachon, are included in its collection.

The design and glory of the architecture of opera will always be a glad to have a visit inside. The stunning view at the outside will not make us disappointed when we go inside as the interior designs in opera are more glorious than the outer one. A costume museum built during the 18th century, really very fascinating to visit at least once in a lifetime and really worth a visit while touring Bordeaux!

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