Parlement by Alex

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Place of Parlement Bordeaux!

The Bordelais are out for this beautiful sunny day...

Parlement by Alex is a coffee shop. The pleasant smelling tearoom provides coffee,  hot drinks, cold drinks and homemade pastries. In Bordeaux, this cafe is one of my favorite! Great choice of tea of excellent quality.

Worth a visit to parlement by Alex

The service is great and the cakes are pure pleasure! You can also have good coffee and you have to try their lemonade! If you visit Bordeaux you have to stop at least one in this cafe! The price may seem expensive, but to eat as good a pastry well it is worth it!

This beautiful tea room called as House Theodor, cozy with a nice terrace, is located on the pretty Place of Parlement square and its neo-rococo fountain drawn by Louis Garros. Here you will find a delicious pastry craft.

Delicious snack varieties

You will find it among other delicious home baking including the key lime pie that contains lime cream, speculoos biscuit and meringue then cheesecake, dark chocolate, dark chocolate and white cranberries (with sorbet), the Mont blanc etc … and ! excellent ice cream. To accompany these treats, choose from a wide selection of hot and cold drinks: coffee, chocolate, lemonade, fruit juices, smoothies, cocktails and teas … (nature, black, green, exceptional teas, Also offered for sale).

Really great ambience and music from Wednesday evening sung by the guests is just great to listen to and enjoy. A nice place where you will get an opportunity to taste excellent traditional lemonade and a delicious ice cream. Fast and impeccable service with admiring hospitality. Pleasant and well decorated. I would certainly return to this cafe once again to have the best delicious coffee!

Calorie minded drinks with pastries

Drinks offered in Parlement by Alex are very good with a preference you for an old chocolate to enjoy a winter evening. Smoothies are great for warm weather and the different pastries are succulent, noted for its originality of certain drinks  like lemonade rosemary particularly, a facility where to go and have lunch.

A snack break that delights you! Warm welcome, great selection of teas and other hot or cold drinks, a showcase of homemade pastries more tempting, you may opt for a lemonade cold house and zest of orange flower, a jar of lemon meringue, strawberry tartlet pistachio cream and cake with a base of vanilla and oreo mint caviar cream, all being delicious, for adequate prices. A place to test urgently!

Tempting snacks and yummy desserts

The hardest part is to choose as everything is tempting! A very pleasant sensation caused by the odors that make you mouth watered. The pastries are both very attractive to the eye and are delicious. It is ideal for fans of taste! Or at tea-time, thanks to the proposed choice of tea. You will definitely prefer to visit back again to this Parlement by Alex in Bordeaux!!!

Modern and pleasant, a great view on the Parlement Square, there are lots of choices of tea, always friendly in service, truly original homemade yummy desserts, served in short time a sure!!! Bordeaux is full of temptations: Parlement Square held a delightful, pleasant, ideally situated to ride the break in the heart of city stroll. Hazelnut or mint tea, accompanied by delicate shortbread house, excellent cakes, kind of management and service, appreciated by all ages terrace, yes, Alex is living nicely this fine.