Pauillac Hotels


Pauillac is a famous place for wine making castles in France. There are a lot of streets with coffee shops and restaurants. Church of Saint-Martin is a 19th century built a church which is famous among the tourists. Museum of automated and art galleries are some more little attractions in the Pauillac region. Chateau Pontet-Canet is one of the top wineries to visit in Pauillac. A great vineyard with excellent wine production included with tasting. You can book a tour to the entire chateau in Pauillac region. A guide accompanies you to explain about the method of production and history about the place. Guides are all friendly and flexible for your doubts and comfortable to explain you in your language. Chateau Lynch-Bages is another top rated castles in Pauillac. The castle has got its certificate of excellence in the production of wines and distribution. An extraordinary wine tasting tour to feel the flavour at least once is in Pauillac region. More than the vineyards, tasting of those yummy wines are amazing in the Lynch-Bages castle. A lovely tour with a good informative guide can be better to visit the castles in Pauillac. Chateau Lafite is the best storage cellars in the city. Fantastic wine tasting and a walk around the entire vineyards are good to learn new about wines in the lafite castle. Chateau Mouton Rothschild is similar to Lafite as it is also a storage cellar. A little expensive vineyard to buy wines, but an attractive place to visit among the Pauillac vineyards. The intelligent who comes with you can be a part making your trip a truly knowledgeable one with fine wine tastings. Chateau Pichon Baron is one of the nice vineyards to visit in Pauillac. Chateau Pichon Longueville is an exact castle to experience a classic wine in the whole of Pauillac vineyards. They have the displays with a classification of great wines of France. Logis Hotel de France et d’Angleterre is a luxurious hotel that has a variety of Medoc wines supply within the restaurant. Guestrooms and garden are really beautiful to enjoy the stay in Pauillac. There is also a hotel with the same with excellent facilities particularly a wonderful bed to adore the ambience. Rooms are amazing with a view of Pauillac vineyards. Château Ormes de Pez is a great business oriented castle of winemaking and distribution. Château Cordeillan-Bages is a top rated hotel in Pauillac. Food is tasty and service is good to experience with a budget stay. The design of rooms with french style is perfect to have a stay. French windows give a gorgeous view of the city too and fresh air can be enjoyed from the vast window spaces. Hotel de France and England-Logis is stylish hotel designed with stone buildings. People who like to stay in ancient model houses can prefer hotel de France. A relaxing stay with luxurious dressing area with private hall, bathroom and free Wi-Fi access can be used. A preferred hotel for honeymooners to feel the rich and luxury vacation in Pauillac. Le Vignoble is a good hotel to have fun on holidays with a budget and enjoy the comfortable facilities offered with great hospitality. The hotel is located in a place that is easily accessible from the vineyards of Pauillac.