Saint-Émilion Hotels

Saint-Emilion is one of the most beautiful villages in France. The city is popular for the red wines specifically. Wine making tours could be excellent that involves tasting of wines. Saint-Emilion monolithic church is a very big and familiar church in the village. The way to the church is quite hard to travel but after reaching the church you could forget that with the look of stunning interior works in the church. The beautiful little village with few restaurants and shops make it gorgeous. The stained glass windows are amazing. The historical monuments are still preserved in the saint-Emilion village for great tourism effort. It is nice to visit those ancient buildings in the modern era. Chateau Coutet is great castle operated with a perfect classification of fine wines. Organic wine production is major in chateau coutet. A wonderful event of wine tasting. Wines are really good at the coutet castle. It is fine to look over the vineyards of the castle in Saint-Emilion. A great opportunity to learn how wines are made starting from the harvest till the packing. A unique experience of knowing about wines could be a pleasure. Chateau Cantenac is also a grand castle in Saint-Emilion with superb vineyards. The chateau can also be a family friendly tour that has separate tables for children who cannot taste wines. Saint-Emilion wines became famous after 1855 as it were included before in the Bordeaux classification of wines. So they are latest and trendy wines. A fabulous spot in the village to visit in order to admire the ancient arches and old underground cellars of Saint-Emilion. Les Cordeliers walkway is an ancient structure made of limestone built in Romanesque style. You can great wines offered in glass or bottle. Chairs are arranged int he gardens around. It is lovely to taste wines in an open ambience with fresh air and people walking around you. Chateau Hotel & Spa Grand Barrail is a dreamy hotel and a surprise to have it in a village. A relaxing atmosphere with great food at the restaurant within the hotel.Spa facilities are extremely nice to experience expert massages. In Les Logis du Roy, the independent suites and guest rooms are really good. Self-cooking facilities with fridge, plates and kettle are also available in different suites according to your needs. Château Hôtel Grand Barrail is a perfect luxury stay in Saint-Emilion with outdoor facilities like rent bicycles, huge swimming pool and rooms with air conditioning. Les Chambres d’Ovaline is one of the top rated hotels in Saint-Emilion. Parking facilities are accessible. Rooms that has beautiful garden views are adorable to experience. A pet-friendly accommodation in the village is the Mansarde. Available with complete kitchen accessories including microwave oven. Extremely luxuriate dining area to adore the stay. A la belle vie is an air conditioned apartment stay for short time. Kitchen has feasible accessories with a coffee maker too. If you are a coffee lover, it would be perfect for you! Clos Moulin Du Cadet is a holiday home with a garden, seating area and dining area with excellent couches and tables can be the best of all. It is located near the Merignac airport.