The pebble botanical garden

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Pebble’s lush Botanical Garden of Bordeaux eatery called the Stone, its organic form offering a rare acoustic quality. On sunny days, the scene carries terrace, botanical garden backdrop.

Pebble concerts timings

Musical gap in the heart of the Botanical Garden, the Rock club restaurant offers visitors and Bordeaux evasive moments just steps from downtown. It will suffice to aficionados, enthusiasts and eager for a novelty to cross the stone bridge. Scene major jazz region, Caillou is needed in the lively and dynamic cultural landscape of Bordeaux by surrounding himself with local and international names.

It is programming qu’ancrée well in the jazz culture in all its forms is now opening to other musical styles. With four weekly free concerts, free & Baroque Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays jazz and world music Saturdays, the Rock welcomes you for a drink or dinner to distant horizons. Also open daily from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m, Sundays and holidays included, you can enjoy the terrace.

Ambiance of the pebble garden

The setting of this restaurant will be great. One of the only places in the car, a little far neighborhood. Interesting musical programs are held and an exact ideal place for a refreshing coffee. The amazing part is how consistently the service, despite the number of different servers as the days and months remains too good!

Great setting in the centre of the botanical garden. You can have a drink. The waitress was good and patient to serve. Though sometimes hospitality doesn’t work out, the setting will make us feel pleasure having a break with a tea or coffee in the hub of the botanical garden of Bordeaux. The originality of the dishes will be very nice and concerts are cool. Very good place for jazz and organic cuisine lovers. The products are fresh, the food is good. For dessert, I would like to recommend the cheesecake New York: delicious! A quality hotel in a great location of Bordeaux!

Party headed terrace and music concerts

If you love Jazz fans, world music and gastro, then this is the place for you !!! It is good to live on the terrace of Caillou! Located at the edge of the botanical garden, immersed in a huge stone, the restaurant offers a varied cuisine and organic. The terrace, perfectly isolated from urban noises, features concerts quality jazz! A fairly rare phenomenon in the neighborhood that deserves to be highlighted!

The prices are very affordable and the products are magnifés by the expertise of Ken! A particular favorite for organic wines! Small flat, however, must be booked. Sure, this place is popular, but its services allow for a moment forget the city around us. The pebble Botanical Garden are waiting for you in a unique atmosphere: colonial furniture and art deco that touches and flavors of the world fusion cuisine and evening club restaurant music, All in stone … You can feel a preserved environment.

Fusion cuisine in pebble botanical garden

An inventive cuisine skillfully surfing on the flavors of the world, local produce and spices. CLUB restaurant. The concerts take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Diversity on stage, the programming is open to wide musical colors, jazz, a music of the world, classical music, blues and many other expressions. Plus: The huge terrace, on sunny days, is open for lunches, appetizers or dinner that is always with concerts that extend to the end of the night.