The Val de Garonne

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The valley of the Garonne in Bordeaux.

The agricultural Eden of Val de Garonne leads you away from the struggling path. Nature is present here in all its wonder. In the powerful bond that has been worked in between the residents and the Garonne River.

In the waterway sparkling under the standard trees and in the hillsides scattered with vines. Here is a place to take your time, to observe and explore. A stay for a few days will give you an opportunity to experience the deep serenity and elegance of the landscapes in Val de Garonne.

Introduction about Val de Garonne

There are numerous sports and leisure activities, flourishing arts and crafts in the towns, villages and a rich cultural heritage. You can even enjoy the region’s food delights, improved by the merry Gascon hospitality. Extensive, radiant and generous in spirit. Come and enjoy the pleasures of the Val de Garonne for you.

It just takes less than an hour of drive from Bordeaux and Agen. Val de Garonne offers a luxury of fascinating things to explore. The Garonne Valley territory includes 43 municipalities and nearly 60 000 inhabitants.

Entertaining trip to Garonne

Navigate an outdoor setting, stroll along the water, Val de Garonne rivers promise rich in discovery walks. A tributary of the Garonne and the old course chalants and lighters, it follows a zig-zag path in wild and pleasant scenery where you can go in a houseboat walk, canoe or on foot along the banks of a river.

A rich heritage is released to each curve of the river like Bastides i.e. Vianne and Lavardac in castles, fortified mills (Barbaste) in Romanesque chapels. Green valleys and rolling hills covered with sunflowers complete this romantic landscape.

History of people in Garonne

The medieval villages, you can discover over the water, have a special charm on market days. Many craftsmen like ceramics, harpsichord factor, stonemason, carpenter, crystal engraver, painters have taken up a residence. A Nerac, the castle keeps secret stories about the youth of Henry IV.

The principal residence of the future king and his wife Queen Margot during 1577 to 1582. The residence reports the height of the family of Albret to the revival. But Canal de Garonne and all rivers have something to show in Lot-et-Garonne. You just go with the flow.

Facts to be known about Val de Garonne

The place is known as an agricultural Eden. Nature imposes it in full force. You can have fun or get carried away by cultivating the artistic vitality and heritage of its towns and villages.

You can get an opportunity to spend time with an open and festive days with the entire population of Val de Garonne. The broad, bright and generous place is the Garonne Valley that awaits you for a wonderful visit.

Valley of famous Garonne River

The Garonne Valley is a territory located in the south-west of France in Aquitaine. In the department of Lot and Garonne, located less than an hour from Bordeaux and Agen, around Marmande the Garonne Valley is a destination with many advantages!

You could love the richness and diversity of its historical heritage, by the sweetness of its lifestyle, climate and gastronomy. The Garonne Valley hides all kinds of activities within the place! Between Garonne and Canal, various water sports are accessible like walks on the greenway wilderness. Cultural visits, but also amazing experiences with our local producers and craftsmen are enjoyable!