Thiers Jetty

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Thiers Jetty

the beach, the city center, the streets and the pier.

Thiers jetty is a wonderful tourist place in Arcachon bay. It is a landing space in which the area is good for fun and holidays. Children can have lots of fun filled with amusement.

Sightseeing in Thiers jetty

The tourist spot is a well-developed walkway. A large number of restaurants and overall waterfront is a good place to spend.

People who prefer boating would love this place. A place to sit and watch the world and boats passing in the Thiers jetty. The place is a boardwalk that has a small merry go ride for children and cute little huts for sightseeing.

Festival in Theirs jetty

During the feast of the sea, a grand festival is celebrated in the beach, with playing of live music. Street performers give their best and marching bands. Among these picnic table is the highlighted fun to have enjoyment on Thiers jetty.

You could bring your wine, food, etc. and have a beautiful sunset dinner by the shore. If you’re well planned, you can move into town and go to the Supermarket. You can pick up some wine, meats, cheeses, bread and then come back down to the beach!

Pillar resembles the place

Thiers jetty is exactly a pillar built to make people enjoy and spend fun holidays and weekends. A boat tour in the landing stage is good to experience.

A place to have a nice to walk on the evenings as it is filled during the day. Really a hot place that is not recommended during summer. A romantic place to visit during winter.

Glorious scenery from Thiers jetty

Gorgeous outlook can be admired from the small huts provided on the edges of the sea wall. Thiers jetty is a perfect place for a leisure walk.

Thiers jetty is a glorious spot in all seasons with the convenience of excellent refreshment nearby. The views of the bay are stunning with visible oyster parks. The sunsets are spectacular from the pillar view!

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