Victory theatre

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The New Victory Theatre!

It launched its 2011-12 season in October 2011 with the New York premiere of The Little Prince. Written by Rick Cummins and John.

Victory theatre is located in a lively neighbourhood and exactly found at the “Rue des Augustins” in the Bordeaux city. Victory square, in addition to being famous for its dynamic and youth, welcomed the birth of new theatre in her neighbourhood. The Victory Theatre offers a programme mostly of successful comedies. In Victory theatre, there is an updated modern version for watching those magic flutes which are extreme of having fun!

Redesign works changed appearance of victory theatre

The recent restoration of this victory theatre makes it a place of character revealing in his hallway soft lighting, walls in stone under ambient lighting. In a dynamic district, Victory Theatre offers you the opportunity for an evening show with laughter guaranteed. Around 175 seats are available.

A few steps from the popular St. Catherine Street, the famous place victory theatre puts on all its finery to offer all lovers of successful exits, a new place of theatrical and cultural entertainment more enjoyable. This theatre is familiar for its reasonable price that is around 15 and 20 Euros, you can also book in online. A nearby dinner restaurant is also accessible from victory theatre. “Victory theatre” will ensure a relaxed good evening spent in Bordeaux!

Waiting time seems enjoyable before play

The rooms present in the theatre has really friendly ambience where people can have a drink while waiting before the play gets started. I recommend you to just taste it without missing such wonderful experience!

Making of Victory Theatre

Theatre hall is dedicated to the art and temporary exhibitions and has a small, contemporary and friendly bar offers a room of around 160 seats. Victory theatre offers its audience a happy comfortable room.  The offerings are free and unnumbered.  This sounds amazing right!!

In order to offer a new programme of the most famous plays and comedies current success, the team of cafe theatre of fine arts opened this theatre. You can prepare yourself to spend an entertaining evening that will make you a fits of laughter which is worth spending!

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