Water Mirror

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Water Mirror at Palace de la Bource, Bordeaux.

At night, large fountains make a beautiful water mirror in front of Place de la Bourse​, Bordeaux, France.

Water mirror is a huge reflecting pool found in Bordeaux. It is the world’s largest water mirror. The area of mirror covers about 3,450 square metres. Water mirror is located on the harbour of Garonne in front of Place de la bourse.

Construction of Water mirror

The design of water mirror took 20 years of hard work to be built in the 18th century. Now, water mirror has become the very significant symbol of Bordeaux city. Water mirror is the most photographic site in Bordeaux. It is listed on top as the modern World Heritage site by Unesco.

Lovely view of water mirror

The rhythmic changes in 2 cm of water on a gigantic slab. It is made of granite. The view of water mirror is truly magical. Children mostly adore the place for its lovely scenery around. A fantastic meeting place for lovers.

If you are a kind to enjoy putting your feet into the cool water during summer, then this is the exact place to be visited while going to Bordeaux in France. In summer, a fountain system found in water mirror allows it to create fog every 15 minutes. The effects of water mirror cannot be seen during winter.

Interesting tourism in Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse is also known as Place Royale. It is one of Bordeaux’s most beautiful squares. Water mirror and place de la bourse together play a magnificent role in the tourist places of Bordeaux. The mirror was built in 2006 by a fountain specialist called Jean-Max Llorca.

Bordeaux symbolises its connection with water by the mirror. A beautiful place to freshen up along the harbour of Bordeaux. The specific tourist place of Bordeaux is a picture-perfect place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Do not miss your visiting to water mirror while touring Bordeaux! The pavement at the surroundings of water mirror is encircled with flowers. Garden of lights provides a clean and pleasant garden around the tourist place.