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Arcachon Bay Zoo

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Arcachon Bay Zoo

where you can find extraordinary animals from five continents.

Arcachon Bay zoo is the largest zoo of Aquitaine. The zoo consists of around 600 animals. In Arcachon bay zoo, you can find extraordinary animals from five continents: Indian rhino mammal, black rhino mammal, giraffes, orangutans, white tigers.

Introduction of Arcachon bay zoo

The zoo combinedly offers several services like house dedicated to catering purposes, a picnic of land and memorial shops. There are varieties of animals that just can’t be listed in an article for an overview and varieties of mammals likely the carnivores, herbivores, primates and other kinds that can be seen in the Arcachon bay zoo. Birds of almost all kinds are conserved in the zoo present in Aquitaine.

On twenty-two woody acres, nearly four click tour can introduce young and previous. The fascinating world of the animal world, throughout every day, is filled with emotions. Still a lot of animals starting from the smallest to the largest are admired within a quiet, shaded atmosphere of a pine forest. They tend to anticipate you for a pleasurable day with family and friends. The zoo in the Arcachon bay is located in the town of La Teste-de-Buch, in the French department of Gironde.

Conservation of Zoo

The preservation control of all these animals and birds are taken care by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums popularly known as EAZA. They maintain those genetically viable animal populations. At the international level, every individual of a species is registered in a very register (BSE) and therefore, the first register was written within the year 1924 for the European bovid. The Arcachon Bay Zoo participates in several EEP (European Breeding Programs) and BSE (European Stud Book).

News update in bassin d’arcachon Zoo

 The zoo offers a magical moment to live in contact with lemurs on their island of 2000 m2. You can view freely and move around!
 Asia’s Forest is one of the largest complexes in Europe, orangutans with its splendid tropical greenhouse and lush outer islands are the highlighted visit in the zoo.

Plan a day for Arcachon bay zoo

Visiting the Arcachon bay zoo requires a full day to be spent in order to enjoy and look over all the animals present in the zoo. The most appropriate time will be during the summer in the morning by 10 am. The animals too seem to to be alert and mostly fewer people will visit during that time.

Moreover, accommodation is available with luxurious rooms and hotels along with tennis court, equipped kitchen and more. It just takes 5 minutes from the zoo to those restaurants. Visitors willing to stay near the zoo and enjoy the trip can take through the opportunity and enjoy in the luxurious hotels nearby.

The timings of the Arcachon bay zoo vary according to the season and festival days. To make sure each ends every detail of the species present in the Arcachon bay zoo you can visit the website www.zoodubassindarcachon.com

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