Castles & Terroirs

Castles & Terroirs

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Discover Castles and Terroirs in Bordeaux, France. The history of the first growths classified in 1855, in which the Chateau Lafite Rothschild remains still. The wines and castles in Bordeaux are the major parts that illuminate a city of Bordeaux, France. There are various wineries along with a variety of castles that produces wines and those castles are present from …


Village Notre Dame

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Discover Village Notre Dame of Bordeaux. The Village Notre-Dame offers the largest permanent choice, so don’t hesitate: small present or “coup de coeur, in French”: paintings and sculptures, watches and silverware  then furniture and decorative objects coexist harmoniously!!! Antiquity of Village Notre dame It is a place where on Sundays will no longer look like the others, in one of …


Botanical Garden

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Discover Botanical Garden in Bordeaux. The facility of Bordeaux Botanical garden could be a municipal facility found at Bordeaux town of France. It is open daily and absolve to all guests with none charge. This Historic garden has recently been supplemented by a facility of the Bastide that’s set across the stream.It is aforesaid that the city’s 1st gardens, at …