Village Notre Dame

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Village Notre Dame of Bordeaux.

The Village Notre-Dame offers the largest permanent choice, so don’t hesitate: small present or “coup de coeur, in French”: paintings and sculptures, watches and silverware  then furniture and decorative objects coexist harmoniously!!!

Antiquity of Village Notre dame

It is a place where on Sundays will no longer look like the others, in one of the most historic areas of Bordeaux: Le Village Notre-Dame aux Chartrons! Created there is a little more than 30 years, the enthusiasm of a handful of antique dealers, the Village, as he likes to be called, had built more than a name, it became the first Gallery South-West Antiquities.

It is every time new discoveries offered by 35 professional antique dealers, spaces cared to pace along the aisles where beauty blends with history where the authentic flirting with design and where the passion of beautiful objects is a new pleasure every step. The objects of curiosity were always the delight of bargain hunters looking for travel or simply delight.

Created 30 years ago, “Le Village”, the first South-West Antiques Gallery. Every time, the new discoveries offered by 35 professional antique dealers and where the passion of beautiful objects is a new fun. Just before the street St Mich our lady has it all quiet paved road full of sores all auyour antique shops partially concentrated in a large building at the bottom of chartrons : the feast of the new wine is the best time to visit and spend good china.

Entertainment places in Notre dame village

A fantastic little bar tucked away in Bordeaux amongst a cluster of dusty antique shops near the cathedral. This is nothing special but, has a cold beer, sit at a street table, where one can watch the world go by and you won’t be disappointed. The bar is populated by local working men who don’t give a damn regarding the no-smoking signs and are more than happy to make comments about the passing women.

A marvellous retro-attitude pervades in this enclave of 70’s testosterone. This is a perfect refreshing antidote to the modern PC world. Maybe not a family destination, though! To celebrate its 33 years, the Antique Village of Notre-Dame offers the public a delicious weekend 13, 14 and 15 March 2015. An original contest, a true historical and artistic game trail will allow visitors to go to meet its level of exposure.

A pretext both friendly and informative that will allow everyone to interact with professionals Village and to have an even closer look at every object and piece of furniture on antique spaces. Wink ultimate eye: the more perceptive visitor will be rewarded and will be able to fly to Venice and discover its treasures and museums with the person of his choice.

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