Auditorium of Bordeaux

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Discover Auditorium of Bordeaux! Summer music in Medoc of Bordeaux Auditorium Conducts orchestra and piano: Darell Ang, Hervé N’Kaoua and ONBA. Auditorium of Bordeaux is an auditorium with two theatres of 1440 seats and 300.  It welcomes the Orchestra National Bordeaux of Aquitaine. Auditorium of Bordeaux’s attractive history Auditorium of Bordeaux project was launched in 2003, the project to build …


The Grand Theatre

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Discover The Grand Theeatre of Bordeaux. Grand Theatre could be a theatre in Bordeaux of France that was initially inaugurated on seventeen Apr 1780. The ballet La young woman Mal Gardée was initially premiered during this theatre by the year 1789 and wherever a young Marius Petipa staged a number of his initial ballets. Precious archives of Grand theatre The …