La Ligne Rouge

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La Ligne Rouge meaning the red line is the name of the wine bar located at the foot of the door Calihau, at the historic monument of Bordeaux city’s gate. Ligne rouge offers wine in Bordeaux and elsewhere in the world. More than a hundred reference that progress regularly. You are offered in France, abroad, from organic or biodynamic, on or off the premises. Twelve of those wines are available by the glass; selection evolves according to your findings.

Stunning reality of the red line

They will be among the cafeteria “Table of Don Quixote,” cheeses attracts the mouse most of the classical productions AOC generally confidential refiners choleric skilled worker cakes and also the “sweet shack.” Dare to cross the Red Line! A nice place to have a chill out in this ligne rouge bar for wine.

If you have time to visit Bordeaux leisurely, you can have a visit during the music festival, where the owner is made to taste the wines blind by just in a glass. Then where he tells all the kind of wine placed for him while tasting. That looks really impressive and funny too!

The red line would be the best place to try and taste different wines at reasonable prices. The restaurant and bar are with affable ambience as well as the friendliness of the staff makes ligne rouge as a favourite among Bordeaux locations and moreover mainly well known for its quality and selection of wine available.

The choice of our wine can be chosen with the help of the owner who is always available to discuss our attraction towards wine and make our presence as much as enjoyable to extreme as feasible. Good choices of cheese and gammon are available at this wine bar and English speaking staffs help us choose wines and also recommend wines.

Worth Time spent in the red line Bordeaux

One will be excited to spend an evening at ‘La Ligne Rouge’ with their diverse international wine list. The best of wine bars around in which one would really love the arrangements inside the wine bar, as well the hospitality served by the waiters and the excellent quality of wine and other foods in this bar come restaurant.

Wines from around the world are presented in this ligne rouge wine bar that makes locals and visitors to admire at it and ligne rouge will be one of the good reasons for us all to visit Bordeaux as its name is foremost known for its wines. This ligne rouge bar has a list of more than 100 wines in its menu list that looks stupendous when you have a glance at it!

Most of the prestigious wines that are present in ligne rouge is from the several famous castles of Bordeaux. As the wine varies in their taste and character some are of ripe berry fruit character, citrus flavour, lovely floral bouquet flavour and it varies according to their method of production. Some of the wines are from organic and biodynamic agriculture.

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