Le Passage St Michel

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Le Passage Saint Michel Bordeaux.

A charm is felt in the passage because the passage is to enter into an eating place, a marketplace across the passageway to access the eating house. A perfect meal served to introduce you with the Bordeaux cuisine.

Discovery of Passage st Michel

A casual dining with great seating along the street. The outside seating is joyful for tourist and an opportunity to see the local people wandering around the streets. Foie gras and oysters are served freshly during the lunch.

Worth a visit many times, for lunch, dinner and just have a visit to taste the drinks! The friendly staff with good food are the familiar part of Passage st Michael. Though Passage st Michael is little expensive, the view and arrangement of tables sounds good to have a lunch! Whether one could be a kind or malignant gourmands, the menus can delight your lunch time style buds. The cardboard can leave the selection of their specialists.

Enjoy a typical eating place with modified kitchen: oyster plates, rib of beef, then add the flavors of the southwest like tatin duck confit with porcini mushrooms and a plate of Foie gras cooked filet of Saint-Jacques with Espelette pepper. To finish the connoisseur get away, the passage Saint- Michel can provide the seasons serves a spread of fine and delicious foods!

Catering services

For all special occasions it may be a grand or little one, consistent with your desirable life it is personal or business, here the passage St. Michel offers the staging of receptions. You can contact through their website and by simply clicking the link provided, individuals can book for the big day!

Teasers and lovers of rare pearls, meet the antique outlets of Saint Michel passage that contributes to the history of their antiques. There is another antique shop named similarly as Passage st Michael. Discover the former banana ripening of last century, invested for around 15 years by second-hand dealers of antiques.

The shop shares impressions with professionals who expose each in their own way, the objects of the past: antique furniture, statues, art, antique dolls, paintings but also silverware, tableware, jewelry. Find giant marketplace each Sunday on the place of the church St Michael, cantaloupe, Bordeaux with fifty to one hundred skilled exhibitors. For book lovers, booksellers direct them to the current market.

Delicious dishes in Passage st Michel

Among the regional dishes at the distillery of passage, you can choose between menus, map and tapas. Amidst the classics: a plate of oysters, prime rib and additionally the south-western dishes just like thetatin, duck confit with porcini mushrooms. A feast for the eyes!

The product displayed: books, paintings, antiques, records, dishes and a lot of ornamental objects to be enjoyed to possess a look of read and obtain their desires. It is sensible to possess a lunch with food casserole together with delicious vegetables and salads. The place is admittedly overwhelming and it is an all-around world expertise. As Bordeaux is known for its sorts of wine are provided within the passage St. Michel.

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