Sainte-Catherine Street

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Rue Sainte Catherine Bordeaux

St. Catherine Street is a pedestrian street since 1977 and would be the longest shopping street in Europe.

A marvellous shopping street is available in Bordeaux of France popularly known as Sainte-Catherine Street that is around 1.2 km long pedestrian street. Sainte-Catherine Street has 2 main lines that run through the historic part within the city. This street cuts the centre following a north-south path that links with the place de la Comedie where exactly the grand theatre stands to the place de la Victoire.

Catherine street Bordeaux

This Street is billed to be the longest pedestrian street all over Europe. Saint Catherine Street at its centre has a place known as saint-project where Auvergnat bishop died in 674. Cross intersection had been restored in 1977 was at the centre of the cemetery since 1392. The church present towards the south has its bell still remaining and this fountain was made around 1715.

Sainte-Catherine Street is lined with the major departmental stores, shops and restaurants that have been a pride of Montreal for more than a century. The Ogilvy’s departmental store remains as a fixture on Saint Catherine Street though it is now a collection of shopping rather than a single store. There are some street closures happening during a specific weekend in month of July every year, Catherine street hosts the Canada’s biggest open air sale during this time where vendors from nearby shopping centres bring out their sale stock.

At the top of the street, there is one of the entrances available to the Galerie Bordelaise which is shopping mall that is opened and present nearly since 1834. The street also homes with Christ Church Cathedral, being the only church in Canada that sits atop a shopping mall, Promenades Cathédrale is an another important church, Saint James United Church recently had its concealing façade of commercial buildings removed. Other churches on this Catherine Street includes St. James the Apostle Anglican Church.

Prominent shopping area of Bordeaux

The strip clubs which made their home on Saint Catherine have now declined in numbers though a few prominent clubs such as Super sexy and Super Contact remains still. An exact shopping area in Bordeaux will have lots of crowds all the time with a busy ambience. It is busy every day but especially crowded on Saturday. The busiest time is undoubted during the clearance sales that take place twice a year, in the month of February and July.

There are cafes and small restaurants all up and down the Sainte-Catherine street, so there are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy a pleasant break. The northern part of rue Sainte-Catherine is devoted to major French chains and the southern part to shops, restaurants, etc. that are more popular with students.