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Saint-Émilion & Pomerol.

Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion is located on an exceptional site next to the prestigious castle.

Saint-Emilion and Pomerol is a famous winemaking region of France. A small tour to saint-Emilion and Pomerol wine region can be taken in Bordeaux that involves attractive sceneries, sightseeing and fine wines and making. This tour will be a marvellous day to be out of the city starting from Bordeaux to saint-Emilion and Pomerol wine space.

The tour is involved with 8 persons and peoples of specific ages as it includes wine tasting. During the tasting of wines, you will learn about the dominant grapes used in the individual appellation and how factors such as climate and soil can enhance or influence a wine’s flavor. The wines of Saint-Emilion are world noted one during the reign of john in 1199. A group will be separated in the tour within the visitors to help us with a guide. The price of this tour will include transportation, guide, wine tastings and the entrance fee for the monuments that are underground.

To know Saint-Emilion

This extensive tour of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion appellations with an introduction of the most famous wine castles and of the extraordinary winemaking landscape was classified as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Saint-Emilion Pomerol wine region is located in the village named saint Emilion, being one of the foremost charming areas it is also one of the essential red wine places in Bordeaux.

Then departing from Saint-Emilion will travel to a nearby wine estate in the Pomerol title, where you will enjoy wine tasting in a Grand Cru Classé castle. You will be introduced to the art and techniques involved in the winemaking process and taken on a tour for a vat house and the cellars before coming back to Bordeaux.

Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion is located on an exceptional site next to the prestigious castle. The brand new cellar, designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel is a highly precise tool that is set to perfectly for the techniques of wine making and to highlight its unique soil. Jean Nouvel won the Pritzker Prize in 2008, for this architect of the underground he made.

History about Saint-Emilion and Pomerol

St. Emilion is the oldest active wine-producing appellation in Bordeaux region with a history that dates back to the times of the ancient Romans. Today, the village of St. Emilion is protected by UNESCO, world heritage site. St. Emilion also lays to claim the oldest wine society of France. The Jurade of St Emilion was formed during 1199. St. Emilion was the first region in Bordeaux to export their wines. Due to the ease of ship taking place in the 14th century, with only a few wines scattered in the Medoc. St. Emilion wine has already been shipped to England at the request of King Edward.

Production in Saint-Emilion

More than 800 different producers make wine in St. Emilion. There are large estates found in the appellation, but the average size of the vineyard would be 7 hectares. Annually, around 2.4 million cases of wine are produced in saint Emilion and Pomerol. With its huge layers and deposits of limestone, St. Emilion and Pomerol wine from the castle  located on the plateau or cotes, produces the wine of richness, exotic textures and minerality.

The unique limestone soils of St. Emilion promotes the development of deep roots that are capable of enduring long, dry spells without water, along the ability to absorb the specific, trace elements and qualities found in the Limestone terroir.

The prime overwhelming feature of saint Emilion wine are that they are  from the sandy soils in Saint-Emilion are lighter, offering more of a red fruit nature, while the wines from clay and limestone soils are often richer, deeper and longer lasting.

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