The visits by Les Médocaines

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Medoc vineyards destination in bordeaux.

Plan your holiday in Medoc.


The Cheese and wine pairing workshop are offered by the Bordeaux Tourism Office during seasonal times. Tourists and local can come and experience a unique and cordial moment with the visit by the Médocaines!

Visit by the Medocaines

The Médocaines wine colours tour is the most special tour that happens at June to August. People visit and discover the history and secrets of Château Paloumey and castle of Taillan before enjoying exclusive tastings of the 3 colours of Medoc wines likely the red, white and rose wines.

The Médocaines Wine Walk held during September and October. You can take a light breakfast and then walk through the vineyards of Castle Paloumey and taste pastries with grape juice. Before joining Château of Taillan for a tour of their historic cellars followed by tasting of their wines with bread and dairy. All these are done on a half-day tour in a minivan leaving from the Bordeaux Tourist Office.

Enthralling Cheese and wine pairing tour

The Cheese and Wine Pairing Tour mostly occur during the month of April and May. The Médocaines have chosen traditional French cheeses to pair with the wines of Castle of Taillan and Château Paloumey. A delicious treat and a great experience can be seen to enjoy in two welcoming estates in the South of Medoc.

It is the opportunity to discover all range of wines offered in both properties. At Castle of Taillan, the white wine and the rose wine are accessible and at castle Paloumey, it is two red wines.

Exciting visit to blending workshop

The blending workshop takes place on half-a-day and includes a visit of a property from where the vineyard to the vat room, the notion of blending will be the vital lead for the presentation. The following workshop consists of tasting of separate grape varieties in the Medoc area, Tasting of a mystery merge and of the final blend from the four properties.

Inspiring holiday with harvest workshop

The harvest workshop includes a morning of harvest, followed by a traditional harvest lunch and visit a second property where you visit the vat room, discover the wine making process and end with a wine tasting. They are really excited to offer these unique experiences to guests like you and look forward to helping guests discover another side of the Medoc.

New innovation in Bordeaux wine

Once again they have innovated newly in packaging and selling the Bordeaux wines. Already available as a mixed case, wines of Medoc are now presented as ‘WIT’ i.e. Wine in a tube. A test tube of wine, containing just enough for a generous glass is sealed with a screw cap to prevent oxidation. The gift set of the 4 wines is the perfect stocking filler.

Recent updates by four women

The association of four female winemakers in the district of Médoc in Bordeaux work towards increasing knowledge of winemaking. The ladies also run their own castles. If you are thinking of hitting Bordeaux in the springtime, be sure to sign up for their one-day introduction to wine blending. It is really amazing to have a visit!

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