Andernos and ares

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Andernos-Les-Bains and ares in Arcachon Bay.


Andernos Les Bains is located on the northeast shore of Arcachon Bay. To its northwest is the town of Arès. Andernos Les Bains consists of four other small cities known as the Taussat, Cassy, Lanton and Audenge.

Categorisation of villages in Andernos

All the four villages mentioned are recognised by their oyster farms and small fisheries. Since many years, oyster and the fishing industry provided a main income to the area. But recently, tourism has become a strong economic factor in Andernos.

Continuous disease affects in oyster industry

The bay in Andernos was well known for the Portuguese oyster. But it died during 1970-72 because of the gill disease. But, fortunately, a new oyster was found. It was the pacific oyster.

Again in 1974, a new oyster developed a disease caused by the paint used on the fishing boats. An oil tanker leak that happened in 1978 further destroyed the oyster industry. It continued to suffer until 1981.

This was a disaster for the whole France and Europe as the Arcachon oyster is a world famous quality. Since 2000, the oyster industry has been improving its level and now nearly 15,000 metric tons are produced per year.

Tourist places in Andernos

The 11th-century architectural heritage of the church of Saint-Eloi can be found on the very edge of the beach. The 8 miles of completely safe beaches will be a favourite place for all.

You can also enjoy an excursion around the bird island or a tailor-made day on the Banc d’Arguin sandbank. In the oyster-farming port, you can taste oysters in the huts, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in a restaurant. The popular and brightest cap ferret lighthouse with a wonderful view of the city of Bordeaux. A natural heritage town which is a typical site with sports and leisure activities.

About Ares city

Ares is located in the Gironde i.e. Aquitaine region. It is exactly on the southwest of France at 45 km from Bordeaux. Ares is around 526 km far away from Paris. Arcachon bay is just 12 km from Ares town.

Places to enjoy near Ares

The most interesting sights can be found within an easy driving distance of Ares. To make it a great place to enjoy yourself while you are in town. Arcachon Beach and Port of Arcachon are amongst the many popular places to visit. Be sure to visit the marvellous Mauresque Park and the Arcachon Golf Club. To spend time with nature, you can visit the cap ferret beach and do not miss the Parc Ornithologique of Teich.

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