Cognac and the Charente

admin Cognac and the Charente

Discover City of cognac and Charente area in France. Cognac and the Charente is a name known all over the world, a prestigious brandy, but it is also a great opportunity to tour and visit the city, trading houses, villages and countryside of the surrounding Charente. How cognac and the Charente early village became famous? Cognac was once a little …

Blaye’s citadel and Gironde’s estuary

admin Blaye citadel and Gironde estuary

Discover Gironde Estuary a European trip covering 18 stops and 10 stages from Verdun in France to lake Maggiore in Italy and over 4000 miles. Blaye’s fort and outwork of Vauban is a typical work of military architecture in the western side. Blaye’s citadel is listed as a World Heritage Site, since the year 2008. Design of Blaye’s Citadel A …