Cognac and the Charente

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City of cognac and Charente area in France.

Cognac and the Charente is a name known all over the world, a prestigious brandy, but it is also a great opportunity to tour and visit the city, trading houses, villages and countryside of the surrounding Charente.

How cognac and the Charente early village became famous?

Cognac was once a little suburb till the mid of tenth century. It quickly became one of the largest centers of commercial activity. Angoumois and Saintonge with its river port, trading sea salt, wine and its famous calvados brandy kind became popular among the people.

Cognac’s church, shops and outdoor market. Especially, Saturday morning offers tourists multiple services.

Going up on the spontaneous streets of Old Cognac, visitors and tourists would discover the wealth of city formation of the 18th and 19th centuries. With the most beautiful covered market in the region, inspired halls that was designed on 19th century by the architect Victor Baltard.

The gigantic vineyard in France is the cognac vineyards that extends till the island of Angouleme. Cognac comes from a double filtration of wine when fermentation is complete. The calvados is then put in oak barrels for aging slowly between two years and decades. You can experience a delight wine tasting while visiting cognac!

A day on the Charente

It is the cellar master who produces the combination which is often based on expertise and know-how. You can discover your excursions by canoe or kayak on the Charente River. Nearly 50 km of rivers is at your disposal! Enjoy your day on Charente! With those bicycle tours, you can find the amazing landscapes and monuments. For a full day spent in the countryside, go canoeing and return! Then cycling, it will be really exciting!

Boating and swimming on Charente River

People can locate the Charente over the water aboard, a houseboat easy to operate and without a license, wow! Spend the locks, make stops according to your wishes and if you feel like it, push it to the ocean!

As the holidays are a time of joy, tourism in Charente also provides the opportunity for swimming by following the safety instructions for safe swimming. As you approach the city of Cognac in the Charente River, the scenery changes from fields of cropping stock to neat rows of wines, extending till you can see the edge!
Way to visit Charente

The spirit was first made as a replacement to wine, as a preventive drink against scurvy, the wine was difficult to transport and took up a lot of space in those early days. Tourists can walk through the grand street which is the main one in cognac that displays the evidence of half-timbered houses in the early cognac region.

Or otherwise people can follow a route created by tourist office that will useful to find out the town. Taking a tour makes you learn about few history of cognac, about how it is made and get an opportunity to enjoy a tasting of wine produced with one or two! It’s also worth asking the tourist office about visits to the nearby vineyards and smaller producers where you can also buy direct wines!

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