The Rochelle and island of Re

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Discover La Rochelle port, towers, old town and Fort Boyard. Island of re is being variously called as Rhe, Rhéa and more popularly known as the Isle of Rhé. It is an island off the west coast of France near the Rochelle, on the northern side of the Pertuis of Antioch strait. The island’s highest point has an elevation of …

Mauresque Park

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Discover Park Mauresque Arcachon Mauresque Park will be nice have a walk along the side specifically during the evenings, children will surely enjoy as there is a children park where swings are exactly where kids used to enjoy a lot. The park gives a perfect view of the city as Mauresque Park is one of the good places to snap …



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Discover The apollo Bordeaux! The identity of the Apollo bar lies in its music that has its style relating to the world of funk and soul. The enthusiastic night in Apollo is the exact New York’s most famed live entertainment experiences, captivating performers and the audiences from all over the world. Amateur Dark in Apollo This is meant to be …


Beautiful era

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The belle Époque or La belle Époque in English known as because the “Beautiful Era” was an amount of Western European history. It’s conventionally dated from the top of the warfare in 1871 to the eruption of war I in 1914. Occurring throughout the age of the French Third Republic (beginning 1870), it absolutely was an amount characterised by optimism, …