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Utopia Cinemas Bordeaux.

A French network of independent theatres is the utopia cinema. The three popular auditoriums are the “Young Public”, “Directory” and “search and discovery” are being equipped by the Utopia cinemas.

Concern and awards of Utopia

Gazette of Utopia is the popular monthly magazine that publishes the criticism and reviews of broadcast movies show timings. The magazine is published by the utopia and available in utopia cinemas itself. This cinema has won the trophy for three times in the category in the best room Art & Test France. Likely in 2001, Utopia cinemas won the trophy for Art room and test awarded for the Utopia Toulouse, then in 2004 won the French film awards for “The operator”.

Early times of Utopia

The founder of utopia is Anne-Marie Faucon and Michel Malacarnet. Having created and directed the picture show The Sixteen 35 and Arsenal in Aix-en-Provence from the year 1971 to 1977, Anne-Marie Faucon and Michel Malacarnet inaugurated in 1976 the primary Utopia feeding Avignon. Afterward, a dozen different cities have counted Utopia cinemas inside them (Bayonne, Paris, Toulo and Valence). Though all Utopia cinemas are terribly similar “decor, programming, layout of the Gazette” are every lawfully liberated.

Target of Utopia Cinemas

Utopia cinemas can contribute to the native cultural diversity and also the creation of social ties and square measure outlined as a “cultural animation film project of proximity”. Utopia tries to offer a varied program and give opportunities to small producers and independent distributors as it is trying to escape from the only rule of profit. The Utopia cinemas receive solely an occasional advertising budget. Nonetheless, the value of tickets is far not up to the foremost retail company like UGC and Gaumont: squares of the value range from € 3.50 to € 6.50 remains consistent with the rates. The Utopia cinemas are also engaged for a meeting with the filmmakers, but also a forum for debate on social issues. To contribute to the cultural diversity, these cinemas alternate unconventional low budget films (e.g. “Neither previous nor traitors” of Pierre Carles), usually for a comparatively enlightened public, and big-budget films (e.g. The Lord of rings).

Additionally, Utopia tries to contribute to the coaching of young audiences by operating throughout the year with faculty and extracurricular facilities like leisure centres, however conjointly with associations handling syndrome, to an acquisition, etc. Moreover for adventitious films, they are shown on the theatres with subtitles in their original version itself and only children’s film is given significance for being released in the French language.

Interesting Utopia Cinemas

The Utopia Bordeaux is five Place Camille Jullian, within that was the St. Simeon Church. It is 5 screening rooms and a little eating place bar. This can be the regular place of abundant dialogue once the screening of films militant content. Concerned within the Bordeaux social, thought about “the extremely active leftist diversion centre” by the politician, Utopia Bordeaux participates as an example within the organization of the native Social Forum in Gironde.

For twenty years, this cinema released foreign films and low budget films. These films are usually related to current events and human relationships. It is a listed cinema Art house since 2001. The layout of the room has been reversed, now accessible by the old entrance of the opera performers, while public entered in the current street, Lieutenant Colonel, Pelissier. She entered the building of the cinema under the name of American Cosmographer became Rio and finally Utopia.

Utopia projected eighteen films per day. Prices vary from four to six Euros. By choice, the team of Utopia has no automatic machine to get rid of the tickets: they privilege the relation. Similarly, during this context, the management team has chosen to not work with any broadcast agency. Utopia includes a project to determine a replacement cinema within the eye of Borderouge neighbourhood near the subway. The Utopia cinema has 441 seats. Six projectionists are operating there.

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