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Oyster House – Gujan-Mestras

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Paradise oysters ! Bassin d' Arcachon, France

Oyster House located in Gujan-Mestras of Arcachon Bay. They have wild oysters that has been collected and consumed.

Oyster House was created ten years past by the oyster producers to point out everybody. However works their business and promote the Arcachon bay that is the initial oyster production centre in Europe. Oyster house is present in Larros port which is one of the seven ports of Gujan-Mestras.

A 12-minute video is showed with the steps concerned within the oyster culture. It is probably out there within the languages of French, English, Spanish and German.

History of Oyster’s House

Through the well-organized halls, you may learn exciting things regarding the history about oysters, their use in gastronomy and culture. Hardware and also the lifetime of oyster producers.

There’s conjointly a district on tides, where completely different species of oysters throughout the planet and also the singular boats of the Arcachon Bay are present. At the exit, to visualize if you probably did not go to sleep throughout the projection, a closet offers an exciting and funny outline quiz!

The oyster house rents audio guides if you want to visit Larros port on your own it will cost around 3 Euros per head. For groups with at least 20 people, the oyster house organizes Arcachon Bay discovery day, focused on the oyster and other different aspects.

A trip to island of birds

The little boat guided tour includes a visit to “tchanquées” cabins, oyster parks and recognition of the majestic Island birds called Île aux Oiseaux in French, visit the oyster house and eventually the walk on the larros port to satisfy oyster producers and style oysters.

Group tour has a special rate that starts from 26 Euros per person. The price includes stroll in a boat, the visit of the Oyster House, a tasting of oysters with a base of 20 people in a minimum. If you want you can book and reserve in advance by calling to +33 5 57 72 28 28.

Out of the repository, what’s additional, natural may be enjoyed could be a dozen of recent oysters that are in one amongst the oyster cabins that stand around the port. These cabins belong to producers of oyster who sell their production. You can also visit the famous park nearby the oyster house. Park of the coccinelle is the most familiar amusement park found in Gujan-mestras.

Historically, you may eat oysters with Block Landes and some little dry wines. Same like the “Tariquet” from the Gers. You can admire the “écailleur” (scalers) dexterity! They will open up to a hundred oysters in five minutes. People might wish to ascertain it. Do not miss the special shows once you visit the oyster house!

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