Saint Eloi Church Bordeaux

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Church Saint Eloi during Christmas.

St Eloi is one in all four churches of Bordeaux celebrating the Mass in step with the Tridentine ceremony.

The Saint-Eloi church is located in the St James Street of Bordeaux, France. This St Eloi church is being in the historic monuments of Bordeaux since 1921. This church is found opposite to the great bell door.

Design of St Eloi church

The architecture of this St Eloi church indicates the gothic style that is around 35 metres long with 12 metres of height for the central part of the church and 5 metres along the side for a single passage. It consists of a huge shrine that is remarkable of the 18th century and all shrines are neo-gothic in its design. The family of Theophilus of Lauvergnac has a funeral inscription that is placed near the door. Organs in the church were re-imposed by the year 2010.

Ancient times of St Eloi church

When Bordeaux was in the English control, this church became the house of the city where a second church was designed in a gothic model by 1245 when the suburbs were vastly expanding the second fortification.

The church was located against the second outer wall but lately was rebuilt in the 15th century and then was consecrated by 1497 by Cardinal Espinacy who was earlier the parish church of Faubourg St Eloi but late became the merchant and prosperous neighbourhood. Once this Eloi church was closed to worship during 1980’s and many were scared to redesign it because of the ruin possibilities but after that an association along with the good shepherd that led by the priests, planned and got permission from municipality then reworked for this church to make it exist.

Details of St Eloi church

St Eloi is one in all four churches of Bordeaux celebrating the Mass in step with the Tridentine ceremony. St Eloi church is that of Bourg-Saint-Eloi, the church present now was not during the 15th century as this was redesigned later. The fascinating tourist place “Grosse Cloche” is also present near this Eloi church as Grosse cloche is the great bell that is found against the St Eloi church.

This is the first one to be built in the style of gothic nature. During the revolution, the building is remodelled in an exceedingly store and therefore, escaped from the destruction. This particular façade dates from 1828 and is that the work of the designer Poitevin. Generally the design is termed “Gothic Troubadour”.

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